Life Bubbles


The other day, a friend and I were discussing Bubbles.

Our Bubbles.

The personal little pieces of life that we allow close to our hearts. Both of us agreed that it is only as we’ve become older that we realise we do indeed have control over what we allow into our bubbles.

What’s definitely in my bubble?

1) The people who I love (but who don’t generally hurt me)

2) Beautiful pieces of nature to which I am lucky enough to have access (Ilkley Moor, Otley Chevin, lots of Yorkshire really)

3) Kind friends who have no idea of that fact they are gold dust. They also might not even know they are in my bubble (it may scare them)

4) My philosophy of trying to live an intentional life, trying to make each minute count because life goes by fast and I want to be present to witness it. To enjoy the highs and roll with the lows.

5) Knowing that I live surrounded only by possessions that add value and bring me joy.

6) Helping people improve their everyday lives by clearing clutter from their homes and their heads. Being part of their journey and adding to it.

7) Doing what I can for charity (personally, I donate useful items and my time)

8) Music, books, film and television that inspires. It constantly amazes me how creative and talented people can be with what they produce.

9) What could happen if I achieve my goals.

What’s definitely not in my bubble?

a) The problems, conflicts and atrocities in the world. I take what I can into my bubble (see point 7) and the rest is not a weight for my shoulders.

b) People with whom I can’t help coming into contact but who are in some way negative, have opposing values to mine, who don’t like me or who I can’t learn from. If you think you need to declutter some people from your life, I suggest you read this.

c) Events that happen to me or those close to me such as illness, accidents or loss. These things are part of life and they should be faced, experienced and dealt with but they are not getting inside my bubble (see point 4)

d) Worrying about small things I can’t control such as a traffic jam, a rude shop assistant or missing a train.

e) What could happen should I not achieve my goals.

It’s important to really be sure someone or something is worth letting into your bubble. However, sometimes things happen beyond our control and those secure and positive things in our bubbles change.

What to do then?

It’s ok. That’s the brilliant thing about bubbles. If they burst, we can just blow another.

What’s in your bubble?

Thanks so much for reading!

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