Packaging Tips: 6 Ways on How to Make Products More Appealing

packaging tips

Do you want to give your product a little bit more “pop”? A lot of people aim to do this because as we all know, presentation is key. There are many different ways that you can make your product more appealing. To make products more appealing, it’s important to use the right packaging. Plastech Group, a packaging specialist in the UK, can create the perfect packaging for your product. Here are six packaging tips can help make your products more attractive:

1. Clear Plastic Tubes and Containers

Do you make products like beauty supplies, jewelry, or other items that people want to see before they buy? Putting these items into clear plastic tubes and containers not only makes it easy for your customers to see what they’re getting; it also increases the perceived value of your product.

These are ideal for storing items like makeup, toys, and food. They allow customers to see exactly what they’re getting before purchasing so there are no surprises once they get home!

2. Plastic Tube Cores

For products that are sold on a roll, plastic tube cores, or plastic trays and lids can help keep them neat and organized. When you have more than one roll of an item in your inventory, using these plastic cores will help keep them separated and prevent them from becoming tangled or knotted together. If you have a bulk order to fill, it will be much easier to do so if your inventory is neat and well-organized.

If you sell hair accessories like headbands or scrunchies, you should consider using tube cores as part of your packaging. A tube core gives your hair accessories a finished appearance, making them look much more professional than if they were just tied together with an ordinary rubber band.

3. Clear Flat Folding Gift Cartons

If you sell gifts, nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a flat-folding gift carton. It looks like a miniature pizza box with a clear window in front so customers can see the item inside without having to open the package. Not only does this give customers the ability to view their products, but also makes them easier to carry.

These customized rigid boxes can come in different shapes and sizes depending on their contents, but all of them have one thing common-they fold flat when not being used! You may even want to purchase one of these rigid boxes yourself if you’re looking for some unique packaging options without spending too much money or taking up a lot of space in your home.

4. Clear Lids and Boxes

Clear lids and boxes can be very effective in making a product more appealing. This is because they allow customers to see what’s inside before they buy it, which makes them want to buy it because they know exactly what they’re getting.

5. Clear Clamshells

Clamshells are another great way to make a product more appealing by allowing customers to see what’s inside before buying it, such as injection moulding. They also provide extra protection for the items inside and prevent tampering, which is great for food products or other things that need to be kept fresh (like onions or potatoes).

Clear clamshells allow consumers to see a product from any angle. When it comes to creating an inviting display for your merchandise, clamshells can be one of the most effective solutions. They are extremely durable and convenient for display, storage, and shipping.

6. Cardboard and Corrugate Packaging

Cardboard and corrugate packaging are often used by companies who want their products to look nice while being protected from damage during shipping. Corrugate packaging protects against water damage because it has an inner layer of plastic that helps keep moisture out while still allowing airflow through its many tiny holes (called “voids”).

This type of packaging allows you to design innovative packaging that captures the attention of consumers quickly and effectively. The added customization benefits make it easy for you to create designs that grab the attention of potential buyers. You can even wrap it with a pink wrapping paper or whatever colour you want for an added appeal

Why Do You Need Print Finishing Services?

While it is important to have attractive packaging, adding print finishing services can help create an even more professional aesthetic that is sure to capture consumer attention. Print finishing services are used to bind books, add perforations, provide custom folding options, add tabs and pockets, integrate die-cutting, and more. At Plastech Group, we can help our clients get the best print finishing and packaging services!

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