Selling your home: 5 essential tips for a successful sale

selling your home

Selling your home is a huge deal for any homeowner. There are many reasons one might sell their home such as downsizing in retirement. Or moving to a bigger home to accommodate a growing family.

Whatever your reason for selling, it can be a real headache with cleaning, paperwork and viewings to contend with almost every day. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as there is no better time to sell than now. The average house prices in the UK reaching £286,000, which means you can get the most bang for your buck when you put your home on the market right now.

Getting the best price for your home isn’t easy. However, as you’ll be competing with more than 300,000 other homes for sale in the UK. To ensure yours sells quickly and for the best price, be sure to follow our top five tips and ensure a successful sale.


Before selling your home, consider your financial position to see if you can afford to move. Some things you may consider include:

  • Outstanding debt left on the property
  • The cost of hiring an estate agent
  • Conveyancing fees
  • Removal costs


Once you’re happy that you can afford to sell your home, contact a trusted estate agent and get the ball rolling on your sale. They will then come and assess your home and advise you on a price that they think the house may sell for.

The estate agent’s estimates will be fairly accurate but it won’t hurt to do some research for yourself. Have a look at what similar properties in the area have sold for in the past and choose a final price for your house. There are some useful resources out there sharing information on this and other topics. You can learn more about it here.


Now it’s time to create some interest in the home. One of the most straightforward ways to advertise is to put your home on websites like Rightmove so that house buyers can find your house when they search.

If you want to think outside the box, however, why not consider traditional forms of marketing like distributing flyers to people in the area?

Declutter & Clean Up Your Home

Once you start to get viewings booked in (and preferably before), you’ll need to get your house ‘show home’ ready. This means cleaning every inch of it, touching up the decorating or redecorating and decluttering it too. When you do this, the house will appear better looking and more spacious which will only increase the interest.

Home Staging & Styling

This takes the above point further. Staging a home may involve the rearrangement of furniture, replacing of bedding, furnishings and depersonalisation. We offer a dedicated home staging service if you would like to check it out. We’ve also created a post on how to prepare your home for sale with a summary of our best tips.

Legal Considerations

When you finally accept an offer, the dreaded legal proceedings begin. This can take up to 12 weeks in many cases, so be sure to get your documents in order before the sale. This means having all of your home certificates prepared and ready to send to the lawyers when they ask for them.


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