Simple Ways To Get On Top Of Clutter In Your Car

clutter in your car

Having a tidy car that’s free from clutter keeps your stress levels in check, according to studies. British drivers aren’t keeping the inside of their vehicles clean and clutter-free, though. One study found that 16% clean the inside of their car less than three times per year. Here are some quick and easy tips to deal with your car’s clutter.

Have a clear out

The first thing you should do is take everything out of your vehicle and sort it. Bin any items that you no longer need, including empty food packets, old receipts, tissues, and similar. You then need to sort out the things you want to keep and put them back in your vehicle in a clean and tidy way. For example, if you have a stash of CDs, put them neatly in the glove box, rather than in the footwell of the passenger seat.

When dealing with clutter in your car, especially when towing a caravan, adopting straightforward organization strategies can make a significant difference in maintaining a tidy space for your travels. For effective cleaning solutions tailored to both your vehicle and caravan, JennyChem’s products can help streamline the process, ensuring a clutter-free and enjoyable journey.

Get organised

One-fifth of British drivers admit that the clutter in their car has been the cause of a car accident. Items rolling under the pedals or blocking your view are common causes of car accidents. Keep a carrier bag attached to the back seat so rubbish can be put straight into it and dump it every time you fill up with fuel.

If you have young kids, have a backseat organiser so things such as drinks and toys can be safely stored. When you take care of the inside of your car, you’re more likely to look after your car as a whole. This reduces the chances of your vehicle breaking down. When this happens, however, it may need to be towed and this will cost you. This will normally include a base fee, as well as a fee per mile. Save yourself some cash, by keeping your car clutter-free and in good order instead.

Keep cleaning items handy

Keep a box full of cleaning items in your vehicle so you can give your car a quick clean and tidy whenever you’re waiting in the car to pick your kids up. Your box should contain cloths, disinfectant wipes, a plastic bag, and glass cleaner. You’ll be amazed at how a quick daily or even weekly clean will keep your car in good condition and free from clutter.

A cluttered car is both a safety and hygiene issue. So make sure you get the inside of your car sorted as soon as you can.

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