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This post was written for National Spring Cleaning Week (NSCW) 6-12th March 2017 but is relevant to any time of year when the fancy takes you to give your home a deep clean!

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers joined forces with NSCW for the very first time in 2017 The connections are obvious since research shows that a clean environment is important for physical and mental health but too much clutter can make the task of cleaning more difficult.

I’m a member of the APDO Board and it’s such a great organisation! It has members throughout the UK who specialise in assisting people to clear their clutter and organise their homes. By choosing an accredited member, clients know they are letting a fully insured and reputable person into their space.

Whenever you decide to do a “deep clean” it is a perfect opportunity to declutter and organise at the same time, giving your home a good clean and ensuring it is a more functional and pleasant place to be!

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Allergy and asthma expert, Dr Uma Gavani cautions that dust mites and mould particles can lurk in clutter, causing allergic reactions and decreasing air quality. So, NSCW is a great opportunity to work your way through your home from top to bottom and review what you have around you. It is a time to question whether items are adding value to your current lifestyle, job and family dynamics or simply gathering dust. Removing surplus stuff means there will be less to clean, replace, repair and think about for the rest of the year – saving you precious time.

Here are a few top tips to motivate you to achieve a clean and tidy home


  • Declutter first

Too many knick-knacks make it harder to keep surfaces dust free and excess furniture forces you to spend time moving it out of the way in order to clean. Ask yourself whether you have duplicates of an item and whether it truly has a use or adds value to your life.

  • Have a place for everything

Once the possession has finished its function, return it to an assigned home. Not only will you avoid the cluttered feel and the misplacement of items, but when it comes to cleaning, you will be able to do just that rather than spend time tidying up first.

  • Clean as you go

Engage in “mini clean” sessions constantly and the task will feel far more manageable. Clean up spills as they happen, wipe counters after each use and store cleaning equipment in multiple parts of the house to encourage consistent maintenance.

  • Involve the whole family

Keeping a home clutter-free and clean should be a team effort. So if there are multiple members of a household, create the expectation that everyone will help. Even young children can be assigned certain tasks and this should improve relationships as well as make the overall goal easier to achieve.

  • Call in the professionals

Sometimes tackling clutter on your own can feel too overwhelming and you need help getting your home to a manageable state.  That’s when a professional organiser can help you clear a path through the mess and stress in order to achieve a calmer home and life. They have the experience and ideas to help you make the most out of the space you have.  They have the expertise to advise you on what to do with unwanted possessions and they can teach you to maintain the changes for good. If you’re in the Yorkshire area, I can help you do just that.

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