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December 10, 2018Tis the season to free up some extra cash and unclutter your home! 

Guest blog by Mike Shepherd-Smith, WhereToSell.co.uk It’s the season where all sensible thoughts about money go out the window, as Brits splurge the cash in the run up Christmas. From presents, to decorations, to parties and travel, the pressures of affording Christmas are real for many households. In fact, research carried out by us at […]

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May 26, 2018There are 7 types of declutterer – which one are you?

As much as I try to avoid pigeonholing, over the years I’ve noticed that there do seem to be ‘categories’ of cluttered people and they all need my help in very different ways. So I’m excited to share this guest blog with you from Vintage Cash Cow, a company who help you declutter by swapping […]

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