The Benefits of Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Indoor plants are nothing new. In fact, lockdown saw an impressive boost in gardening and people wanting to bring the rewards of their green fingers inside their humble abode. But why? Turns out there are a lot of benefits to bringing plants inside, and many people are becoming more and more aware of them.

Just in case you did not get the message on indoor plants and why they are great, this piece is going to let you know some of the benefits you can enjoy when you bring your garden inside.

Read on to find out more.

Plants Make Us Happier

It has been well documented that seeing plants, taking care of them, and having them surround our space is good for our wellbeing. Nature can improve how we feel tenfold, and it turns out that we do not actually have to go outside to experience this benefit – we can simply bring natures finest greenery to surround us instead.

That being said, they are not a substitute for going outside and having walks in nature and should be more thought of as a supplement alongside getting out of the four walls.

While you are stuck inside though, seeing plants can help lower your stress levels and invite a sense of calm, which can be very beneficial for when we are working. Consider a big and vibrant plant such as Areca Palm Plant to give you those fresh jungle vibes while you are stuck in your swivel seat.

Plants Help Improve Our Environments

Not only do indoor plants have a direct impact on our emotions and wellbeing, but they can also have a significant influence on our environment. Plants are well known for being able to ‘clean the air around them’ and that also rings true for rooms inside of the home as well.

There are some studies to suggest that houseplants are able to remove hazardous compounds from the indoor air that we breathe in and out every day. Getting rid of these pollutants can be very beneficial to our health, especially if you live in areas where environmental pollution is a problem. This could be anything to living in a busy city, working near a plant or mechanical equipment that omit toxins, building materials, or even just everyday objects.

Improves Focus and Performance

Plenty of us have experienced those times where we have been at our desk and have been struggling to snap out of staring at a blank screen or begin daydreaming while spreadsheets reflect in our eyes. Studies suggest that having plants to look at can actually help us refocus on what we are doing and boost our productivity. Nature can be rejuvenating to look at, so that could definitely play a part, along with the all-important oxygenating process that plants contribute to our environment. Having enough oxygen in the room has a direct link between focus and energy, which could explain how these little powerful plants help keep us bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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