The best habits to keep your new build home tidy

new build tidy

Moving into a new build home represents an amazing chance to start completely fresh. The absence of existing decorations or remnants of previous owners allows you to craft the perfect space for yourself from a blank canvas. But you’ll also want to ensure your new home keeps some of that shine, even as it becomes an integral part of your life. So, here are some of the best habits and ways to keep yours tidy once you move in.

Regular decluttering

We’ve all been guilty of letting things accumulate as we move through life – it’s only natural. But with a fresh start in a new home, it’s worth staying on top of clutter before and after your move.

Begin by sorting through your belongings during the moving process. This will help to make your move easier but also prevent you from filling your new house with everything you unnecessarily filled your old one with.

As life in your new home unfolds, regular decluttering sessions should help to maintain order and that precious sense of tidiness. Clutter-free spaces can also boost your mental health, giving you more energy and space to use it.

Find a place for everything

We all need things to help us live, from the daily essentials to those items that come in handy now and again. The best way to stay on top of it all is to ensure everything has a place.

Effective storage solutions are vital for organisation. Use them to ensure your new home doesn’t get overwhelmed. And don’t forget hidden spots, such as behind doors and under beds. The more creative you can be, the more your home will benefit.

Daily checklist

Doing the little things often is one of the best ways to keep your new home tidy. Making the bed every morning, staying on top of dirty dishes and doing a nightly sort of the kitchen can all be embedded into your daily routines to make a massive difference.

A daily or even weekly tidy-up should help to keep everything in its place, preventing things from accumulating where they shouldn’t be. Incorporating these into your cleaning routine can keep your new home clean and tidy consistently with less effort overall.

Practise mindful consumption

When it comes to bringing new things into your home, consider if these serve a purpose or bring you joy. Asking such questions can prevent more clutter from emerging down the line, making your life and the process of keeping things tidier so much simpler.

Mindful consumption can be applied to all areas of your life, helping to reduce mental and physical clutter and boost your health and wellbeing.


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