How Tiny Habits Can Organise Your Life

What does it mean to Be Organised?

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Many people resolve to be more organised but as a standalone goal, it is WAY too big. As a result, it isn’t achievable and when people inevitably fail, they assume they just aren’t (and will never be) ‘that kind of person’

In fact, being organised comprises of many small habits. On their own, they are totally achievable, even for the busiest of people. Most importantly, it’s possible to commit these tiny habits to autopilot pretty easily.

Achieving autopilot is incredibly important because it means we don’t have to rely on willpower to take an action. This is essential because willpower ebbs and flows. If we’re tired, overwhelmed or run down, we possess little willpower beyond just functioning and getting through the day.

Once tiny habits become autopilot, I like to rename them tidy habits. Tidy habits are such powerful little things! They take limited time or mental energy but they can supercharge our life and last a lifetime.

Tidy Habits


Collectively, tidy habits move our internal dial towards the goal of being organised.  We’re not born organised or disorganised! These traits can be learned and the benefits include:

  • lower stress levels,
  • greater productivity,
  • saved time,
  • better health,
  • more energy
  • improved relationships.

Here are six of my favourite Tidy Habits. Adopt them one by one. Repeat until they become autopilot and feel the difference they make to your life:

Brain Dump

Your brain is for having ideas, not holding them. Once you record the information flying around your brain, it frees it to do what it does best – experiencing, reacting and thinking. Identify the best way for you to record ‘stuff’ which you need to come back to. Keep it simple by using a single notebook or app. Each time, you think of a piece of information that will add future value to your life, extract and record it immediately. Include ideas, goals, reminders, recipes, playlists, movies to watch, books to read, interesting places etc. Centralise it all. Personally, I use one Note, an app that can be synced to all devices. I can split my notes into categories and search if I need to. Plus, it’s all backed up to the cloud.

tidy habits

Plan The Next Day

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You don’t have to create a complex plan but simply writing three priorities for the following day can focus your attention on where it needs to be. Unexpected things are bound to drop on you throughout the day. But a simple plan will steer your subconscious onto what is important. If you have more time to plan for the day, ‘time-block’ your diary into chunks. Focus on entirely on each individual task. Be present (even if you’re doing a supermarket shop) – you’ll be more productive and enjoy it more.

tidy habits


Clean as you go

This adds just seconds but saves time long term and improves your home experience day-to day. Keep a cloth and all purpose cleaning spray in the bathroom to wipe around the sink after use. Hook a squeegee in the shower to clean the screen daily. Keep glass cleaner and paper towels in the same room as mirrored wardrobes and polish whilst you’re passing through. It doesn’t negate the need for a regular deeper house clean BUT it makes the deep clean far less time consuming and intensive.

laundry habits


Pick Your Outfit The Night Before

Whist you’re getting undressed at the end of the day, pick your clothes for the following day. Include all accessories, jewellery and even your underwear. Hang it on a mannequin, chair or hook. You’ll have less decisions to make in the morning and will start the day with greater head-space.

clothes habits


Empty The Dishwasher Before You Start Cooking

Now that you have an empty dishwasher, you can load it with any dirty cups etc, leaving a clear surface. Wipe down the surface to create a pristine food preparation area and then used pans, plates and cutlery can be loaded immediately into the dishwasher as you cook or after your meal. You’ll finish the day with a clear kitchen and a clear head.

kitchen habits


Put Dry Clothes Away Immediately

Getting a load of washing out of the machine? Taking washing off the line? Finishing a basket of ironing? Fold or hang the clothes in the bedrooms straight away i.e. as part of the same task. This will take literally 5 -10 minutes but will avoid baskets of clean washing building up and hanging around, ruining the aesthetics of your home and sending signals to your brain that there are task unfinished.

organisational habits


Whilst all of these habits require some initial time investment, it is negligible compared to the time required to sort out a disorganised space.  Disorganisation is a time drainer and can drag you down.

Tidy habits can set you free to live the life you want.

Thank you so much for reading,

A Tidy Mind

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