Tips For Styling Your Minimal Bedroom

Tips For Styling Your Minimal Bedroom

Many people think bedrooms need to be filled with personalised items that will create that warm and cozy vibe, but that’s not true for everyone. A simple minimalist bedroom can actually be equally warm as a maximalist one, yet provide you with some peace of mind that our overburdened minds crave. So, if you’re looking to find Zen, here’s some tips for styling your minimal bedroom whilst embracing minimalism.

Focus on the bed

Consider the bed the star of your bedroom and your main focus when designing your sleeping space. In order to create something simple and light, pick out the bed you like first and layer the rest of the design around it. 

Don’t cheap out on bedding

A minimalist bedroom will benefit best from soft beige, creamy white or pale grey bedding. Go back to basics and avoid any clashing and colorful patterns that won’t provide you with that clean, crispy and relaxing feel. Plus, if you choose something basic, you can focus on the quality of the material instead of getting stuck on the design—minimalism is all about quality over quantity and aesthetics. 

Choose the cool color palette

Busy, blinding colors don’t go well with the minimalist philosophy, so it’s best to lean towards a cool and simple color palette. Since minimalism is supposed to evoke relaxation and peace, red dramatic walls won’t help you on that horizon. Instead, focus on neutrals, soft blues and pastel greens to shroud your bedroom in calmness. If you think neutral paint and neutral bedding will make your space too sterile and boring, you can play with decoration to add some pattern and textures to your boudoir. 

Pick out one wall décor item

Many of us think that every wall needs to be covered in artwork and photographs in order for the space to feel “decorated” and “complete”, but that’s just not how minimalism works. If you have a piece of art you really like, it’s best to give it the center stage instead of burying it with other elements. Check out this website for breathtaking hand-carved skulls that fit in perfectly with any aesthetic. One piece like that will be more than enough to add interest to your space yet maintain that chill and clean look of your design. If you pick out something mysterious and eye-catching, make it a focal point of your bedroom and you won’t need any other decoration piece!

Green up the space

Tips For Styling Your Minimal Bedroom

No matter the architecture and design style, plants have a spot in every space, your minimalist bedroom included. A well-placed plant will add a simple earthy touch to your bedroom and a subtle pop of color. Just pay attention to the placement and make sure your plant doesn’t interfere with your wall decoration and vice versa. 

Let the sunshine in

In minimalist spaces, lighting is an accessory, so use it wisely. When you have very little items in a room, lighting can make a huge difference in the impression your space makes. If your room setup allows, clear your curtains and let as much natural light in the space as you can. This will make your minimalist bedroom feel warm, modern, open and welcoming. 

Maximize storage

If you don’t want to commit 100% and get rid of all your things, minimize the clutter in your bedroom with storage. Closed hidden storage is the key to a restful and calming environment, so be realistic with what you need to have at hand in your bedroom, but try to hide it with appropriate furniture. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for styling your minimal bedroom. When you have a good guide to follow, creating a beautiful minimalist bedroom is not a hard task. It will take some time to adapt to your new minimalist lifestyle, but once you feel all the benefits of this design, you’ll never want to go back. 


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