Tips to Make Laundry Day Comfortable and Easier

tips to make laundry day easier

Laundry day requires your time and energy. Some even say it is one of the most daunting household chores. Some people dedicate one day to doing their laundry whilst others tend to do the washing daily. Learning how to make laundry day comfortable and more manageable is important to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Set a schedule for laundry day.

You may be comfortable doing a whole week’s laundry in one go. Less laundry loads mean using less energy which is cheaper and better for the environment. If this is the case, it is best to schedule a laundry day to organise and schedule other household chores throughout the week. If you do laundry at a laundromat, ensure not to visit during peak hours or weekends.

If there are multiple members of your household, you may need to do loads several times a week or even daily to reduce the pressure and frustration of dealing with a large pile of laundry. However, it’s worth giving this some thought. Could you wash less frequently and to alter your laundry strategy to have better efficiency?

Pre-sort clothes in the laundry hamper.

Sort clothes into a laundry hamper with sections. We are strong supporters of outsourcing household chores if it helps people. So the sorting is especially for those who rely on laundry pickup. Sort your laundry by colour: one for whites and another for colours. It’s also useful to have a third section for delicates or handwash only clothing. Get into a few habits at this stage. Ensure the clothing is actually dirty before you put it in the wash because many people do wash garments like jeans more often than required. Check and empty the pockets. Plus, if clothes need to be washed inside out, do this as you put them in the laundry basket.

Master the wash and dry settings.

Understand the wash and dry settings to know their effects on your laundry. In general, the 30 degrees, gentle wash cycle and cold water temperature with be perfectly adequate. Meanwhile, over-drying laundry is common. This laundry mistake results in shrinks, frays, or fades. Of course, it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to hang out the washing to dry so keep an eye on the weather forecast to try to plan in advance a little.

To extend the wear of your clothing, it is important to read the wash label to ensure you are providing the right care. Some clothes are not simply not recommended for washer and dryer settings and require hand washing while other need dry cleaning. Here are some useful tips on how to wash wool by hand.

Clean the washing machine regularly.

The optimum result of a washer depends on its use and the frequency of its maintenance. Skipping this tip could give your clothes a foul-smelling odour! But it’s an easy fix as cleaning a washer is quite simple. Run hot water and a cleaning agent in the washer. A cheaper and more sustainable option is white vinegar and baking soda.  Plus, don’t forget to wipe the gasket as it is where most mildew and moulds develop.

Give delicate clothes a special treatment.

If you have delicate clothes that require dry cleaning or gentle washes, there’s the option of leaving them under an expert’s care. You will not worry if you send them to a laundry service like this one that knows how to treat delicate clothes. It could be one of those little luxuries that is worth investing in and could free up time to do more of what you love.


If these five tips do not help you make laundry day comfortable and easier, another way out is to let experts handle your laundry day. Remember that not all clothes are manufactured equally. Ensure to follow some specific instructions for your delicate clothes, or pass them on if you hand them to laundry services.

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