Top 5 Budget Tips When Moving House

tips when moving house

Tips when Moving House

A well-known fact about moving house is that it tends to be very stressful. This is quite natural; many people have already done it and never look forward to doing so again. Many people plan everything to the smallest detail before moving day, which is a good plan. It’s best to start planning far in advance because nothing is worse than last-minute rushing around, especially when it comes to pulling off an excellent home move without spending too much money. Here are five budget tips when moving house that will help you avoid unnecessary expenses:

1.    Find Out Exactly What You Will Need

It’s a good idea to sit down and decide what you need for your move. This is important because it can save a lot of money later on if you don’t buy things you don’t need. For example, do you have enough boxes?

Do they vary in size, or are they all the same? Would newspaper be cheaper than bubble wrap? Are you sure?

When it comes to the boxes, make sure that you buy good-quality ones and recycle them. You can use them more than once if they’re in reasonable condition and tips when moving house such as these will mean you can be frugal in your approach.

2.    Hire a Van and Save

If you haven’t got a van but need one for your move, hire one. This will help keep costs down while allowing you to do some heavy lifting on moving day (which is not recommended).

However, make sure that before you hire a van get quotes from several companies before making any decisions; some may offer cheaper deals than others on certain days of the week or months of the year.

At such times, it’s advisable to opt for a smaller company rather than a large firm because of chances.

If you have more than two cars or a car and a van, it’s worth hiring a big enough van that will take the whole lot.

This can save money because if your house move doesn’t need to be 100% perfect, so long as everything gets from point A to point B, so it’s worth hiring a van and saving some money.

You don’t have to worry about the van arriving, loading, and unloading for you, either; this is all taken care of by the removal company.


3.    Ask for Discounts or Free Services

If you’re planning your move well in advance, then take advantage of this and call a few removal companies to get them to beat the other prices.

Asking if they could offer you a free service is always worth trying. Getting a third party involved can save money, but it won’t cost you their services.

Because, if the company give a person a discount on their home move, they will make up for it by charging more from one customer who doesn’t ask about discounts or who takes up all the budget with lots of additional extras that aren’t necessary.

Getting a friend or relative to take over the driving might also save you some money, but bear in mind that this will depend on how much equipment you have.

The driver will have to be paid for their time and petrol, so it could work out quite expensive if all they are doing is running around picking things up.


4.    Pack Everything Yourself

Some people need help from friends and family to pack everything before moving day arrives. If you’re lucky enough to have an empty house and you know all your belongings will be completely safe until the removal van arrives, then pack yourself and save some money.

This way you can transport everything in a car or on public transport if you don’t mind getting up at dawn on moving day.

The advantage of packing everything yourself is that you will save money because the removal company won’t hire people to do it for you. However, this method can be stressful if your home isn’t empty and there are still things left in cupboards or on top of cabinets.

You could get hurt by climbing up ladders or pulling down shelves, so only pack everything yourself if you know exactly what’s going into each box – otherwise, play it safe and leave the job to a removal officer.


      5. Keep Track of Your Belongings

It’s straightforward to lose things when you’re moving house. Lots of people get flustered and throw everything into boxes – even if they can see that something is missing, they don’t take the time to track it down because there are so many other things going on simultaneously.

Make sure you keep all your belongings in one specific area so you know exactly where everything is until the van arrives; this way, you can keep better track of your belonging’s whereabouts.

And before you close up the last box, make a list of what’s inside it using a pen and paper or an app on your smartphone. This will help when it comes to unpacking days because you’ll know which box you need to open first, making unpacking a lot easier.

This blog post has proven that there is no need to fret your budget when moving house. If you know what you are doing, then the process can be pretty simple with a few clever tricks up your sleeve.

You don’t have to spend an arm and leg hiring professionals or equipment if you take some time beforehand planning out how it will all go down. We hope this list of tips helped help make packing for move day less stressful! Let us know whether these tips when moving house were helpful for you in the comments below.





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