What Makes a Beautiful Modern Office Space?

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Long gone are the days of the sad and grey office block, hopefully. It’s 2022, and an office space no longer needs to be designed to fit the whims of a dystopian corporate nightmare dimension. They can be full of brightness, space, breathing room, colour, and generally whatever suits the needs of the staff.

If you’re in the lucky, or maybe unlucky, position of having to redesign your office space any time soon, you’ve likely got a big project ahead of you.

Many people are still feeling apprehensive about anything other than remote working, whereas others can’t wait to get back to the office.

Here are some tips on how to help you bring your beautiful modern office space to life.

The Right Refurb Company

Without partnering with the right refurbishment company, you might have a hard time making any meaningful changes in the first place.

Since you’ll likely need to minimise disruption and ensure that your beautiful office doesn’t take too long to reopen, it’s worth going with a reliable company that have experience working with tight time frames like the team at Milkris Interiors.

Areas to Retreat Into

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, and even when they don’t, it’s still worth building an area for them to retreat to just in case.

In all seriousness, private areas for your employees to wind down in are a vital part of the modern office.

Whether it’s to take an important business call or to let off some steam by mumbling naughty words, private booths are pretty cool.

Hot Desks

Rather than having a rigid layout that cannot be altered whatsoever, why not elect to take a flexible approach and establish a system that caters for hotdesking.

This may encourage collaboration between your teams and enable you to prioritise the outcome of your work rather than who needs to sit where. Training room tables are a perfect choice for hot decking as it’s spacious and allows trans to collaborate easier.


Plants enrich the soul! Even if their ability to improve air quality, they still brighten up the place.

Try introducing a combination of glass and greens set to the backdrop of wooden panels for a truly futuristic look.


Minimalism can speak volumes in regard to your company’s sophistication and elegance. By ruthlessly cutting back on pointless objects and opting for an airy, decluttered approach to your office building regime is a great way to modernise your space.

This might mean chucking a few old desks away and installing communal benches instead, or removing the wallpaper and revealing the nice brickwork underneath, provided it is actually nice, of course.

Let the Natural Light In

Natural light is good for you, and it doesn’t tend to give off that oppressive office feeling from the olden days either, so try and work around it.

Do What Works Best for Your Employees

It’s important to always put your employees first. Your refurb should always be done with them in mind. After all, they’re the ones who have to use the space.

Everyone enjoys working in a lovely office space, and people certainly tend to appreciate it when their needs and wants are listened to and respected.

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