Which Simple Lifestyle Changes Make the Biggest Difference?

Simple Lifestyle Changes

As we’re coming to the end of the year, many people will start to think about the changes they want to make in their lives once 2021 rolls around. It’s good to have goals and it’s good to want to change unhealthy habits, but why wait until the new year when you can get started straight away.

Overwhelm can often kick in though when it comes to trying to change something that takes a lot of energy and effort. You don’t want to feel like you’re trying to climb a mountain so how about going for the small wins instead? There are actually some very simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference

It might be that you just don’t know what you need to do to make small tweaks, but that you’re sure something needs to be done. In that case, read on, as we’ve got some perfect examples of lifestyle changes that can actually difference in your life, without seeming too difficult to achieve.

Stop Complaining

We’re all guilty of complaining about things in our lives. Sometimes, it even makes us feel better about things we can’t control of change. Yet complaining about the things we can’t control and we can change is a waste of time, and will only make us feel more negative in general.

It’s far better to stop complaining and instead come up with an action plan of how to solve the problem so that complaints are no longer necessary. Or think more positively about the situation. For example, if you find yourself getting frustrated by someone’s behaviour, tell yourself that they’re probably doing the best they can. And that you may not be aware of the challenges they face behind closed doors. If you hate your receding hairline, you can visit hshairclinic.co.uk to find out about hair transplants! If you dislike your job, look for a new one that you’ll enjoy more, or even start your own business. If you’re tired all the time, work out a better bedtime routine. There is always something that can be done and you’ll feel so much better once you’ve done it.

Declutter Little And Often

A home edit can be very empowering in many ways. We all accumulate clutter and by streamlining what we don’t need, it can inject calm and control into our environment. Be protective of your space because too many belongings can feel overwhelming. The very act of deluttering can also be comforting. Think of it as self care for your home. In the same way, you might weed the garden or pluck your eyebrows! Simply editing out what you don’t need every so often can be good for your mind, body and spirit.

Make Your Bed

Simple Lifestyle Changes

We said this list was about simple things you could do to change your life for the better, and we meant it. Making your bed is a very easy task, but not everyone does it every day. However, by doing so, you are putting yourself in the right mindset to go out and be more positive right from the start of every day. You have achieved your first goal, and you will have done it mere moments after getting out of bed.

Not only that, but a made bed will be much less tempting to slide back into, so you won’t run the risk of telling starting your day by being late for work, or having to rush to leave the house on time. Plus, when it’s time to get back into bed in the evening, it feels much nicer to get into a bed that has been made than one consisting of a bundle of sheets that need to be straightened out first.

Single Task

Multi-tasking is actually a myth. Although we can obviously do automatic actions at the same time, like walking and breathing, we can’t multi-task when it comes to tasks that require us to focus our brains. The brain can only switch between the two tasks. So if you’re trying to answer an email and talk to someone, you are constantly switching between the two. It will take you twice as long and you’ll be less productive and engaged. This is also a stressful way to do things. Instead, focus on a single task and move on when it’s finished.

Drink Water As Soon As You Wake Up

Something else you can do first thing is to drink a glass of water before you do anything else. Our bodies use only a very small amount of energy when we are asleep, which is why we aren’t seriously dehydrated when we wake up, despite not having had anything to drink for eight hours or so (if we did this during the day, we would develop symptoms of dehydration and be very unwell).

However, once we are awake the body starts working at full capacity, and it will need water to help it do that. By drinking a glass of water as our first task of the day (or second if you make your bed first) you can prevent any feelings of sickness or headaches and allow your body to work better.

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