Why Are Roller Garage Doors A Popular Choice?

Declutter and Organize Your Garage

We regularly work in our clients garages. It’s a great space to declutter, organise and then re-fit or optimise to enhance this valuable space. For homeowners contemplating upgrading their garage doors, there are various options available that can make it a difficult decision. However, there is one type of garage door that remains a popular choice throughout the years, and that is the roller garage door. In this blog post, we will be exploring why the roller garage door continues to be the garage door of choice for homeowners across the UK. 

How does a roller garage door work? 

Roller garage doors are designed to provide top functionality with minimal space. Their space saving design is one of the main reasons as to why they remain a popular choice for homeowners. Unlike other kinds of garage doors that operate by swinging open or sliding, roller doors take up minimal space by rolling up and down vertically.

Roller garage doors are made up of slats that are hinged together. This allows them to roll up into a shutter neatly, saving space and being incredibly compact in design. The slats are rolled into a shutter box which is located above the garage opening.

An additional benefit to roller garage doors is that they can be automatically operated. This means that at the click of a button, homeowners can easily open and close their garage door, making it convenient and easy-to-use. 

The advantages to roller garage doors 

Below are the range of benefits that make roller garage doors so popular!

Space efficiency

Since roller doors open vertically, this saves a lot of space than other kinds of garage doors. This gives you more room to store your vehicle or belongings, making them an ideal choice for smaller garages. Roller garage doors maximise the usable space both inside and outside of the garage, which is great for smaller properties.


Another key benefit to roller garage doors is that they are designed with safety in mind! They provide excellent security, which is a must for a garage door. Since this kind of garage door has fewer entry points and is made up of robust material, it adds extra security to your property.


Many roller doors are manufactured with insulating materials. This helps to keep the temperature of your garage optimal throughout the changing seasons. This is highly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in their garage.


One aspect of roller shutter doors is that they are made out of strong and robust materials, making them very durable. Roller shutter doors are made out of metals such as steel and aluminium, making them great protection against harsh weather conditions and intruders!

The durability of these doors also contributes to their longevity, making them worthwhile investments.

Easy to maintain

Roller doors have fewer moving parts than other types of garage doors, meaning they typically require less maintenance. Professional maintenance services are the best course of action for maintaining any kind of garage door, as this keeps them operating smoothly and safely.


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