Why Moving Home Is the Perfect Opportunity to Declutter

Finding the right time to declutter your home can be difficult. You always tell yourself that you’ll get around to it eventually, but something always seems to get in the way. If you’re planning to move home anytime soon, it could be the perfect opportunity to finally declutter like you have been meaning to. When you’re moving home is the ideal time to clear things out so that you don’t have to take things that you don’t want to your new home. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time, on top of everything else you have to do when you’re moving, take a look at these convincing reasons. This is why moving home is the perfect opportunity to declutter

Why Moving Home Is the Perfect Opportunity to Declutter

It’s Now or Never

Think about the last time you moved house. How much did you bring to your new home that you meant to throw out, but is still sitting in your garage or spare room? If you have stuff that you’ve been moving from place to place for years, but that does nothing but take up space, something has to change. If you don’t declutter now, you might never do it. You’ll end up permanently sacrificing space for things that you don’t need, whether you move again or not.

Save Money on Your Move

Decluttering your home before you move will save you money and time. You will have less to move, so you won’t need to hire as big a van as you might have needed. It will take you less time to load everything up, and perhaps you won’t need to insure so much stuff, either. It’s pointless to waste money on stuff that you don’t need or want, so why not get rid of it now? You could even sell some things, and then use the money to fund your move or just to pay for pizza on your first night in your new home.

Get Your Things Into Storage

Now could also be the perfect time to move some of your things into storage. This could be a temporary measure to help you sort through your things, or it could be more long-term. Either way, there are plenty of home and business storage solutions for you to choose from. If you choose self-storage, you can have control over how and when you use your storage space. A lot of modern places make it easy to use an app to gain entry and give you other tools to make sure you can come and go as you like.

You Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone

You don’t have to declutter before you start packing for your move. You can do both things at once and get two jobs done. As you pack, you can think carefully about what you want to keep and what’s going to go. Have some boxes labelled for your move and some boxes and bags for anything that you want to throw out, recycle, sell, or donate.

If you’re about to move home, take the opportunity to get rid of any clutter before your move.

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