Why you should be Incorporating Floor Lamps in your Interior Design

floorlamps in your interior design

Your choice of lighting can make an enormous difference in your interior living space. Ideally, you’re looking for something that will maximise the feeling of spaciousness and eliminate any harsh shadows. With many lighting options now available, homeowners have never been better able to create the setup that’s right for them. Typically, we use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead ceiling lamps.

Here, let’s focus on what floor lamps can offer, and why they should form an indispensable part of your setup.

They serve three purposes

Floor lamps can achieve three specific things. First, they can provide a level of ambient lighting. Second, they can provide directional lighting that will let you get on with a specific task – whether it’s reading or working. Finally, floor lamps can provide a visual accent, adding interest to a space, and perhaps highlighting a particular feature of the room.

They’re versatile

One major advantage of floor lamps is that they can be easily moved from one side of a room to another, or even between rooms. You don’t need a wall or ceiling to fix them too, or a table to prop them up on. If you’re unsure on how to light a room using floor lamps, then you might look at online guides for inspiration. If you’d like someone else to worry about where you’re putting your floor lamps, then you might even bring in a lighting designer – though you should be aware that this will cost a lot.


Since you don’t need to worry about the cost of wiring in a floor lamp, you’ll often find that they’re far more affordable than many of the alternatives. Consequently, you might be able to install several of them in the same space without going over budget.

So, pick out a floor lamp that matches with your budget, and be aware that you’ll need to occasionally change the bulb. Some floor lamps come with bulbs that aren’t readily available, which means extra hassle if you should need to replace yours.

Statement piece

If you want to make a real statement in your space, then sourcing the right floor lamp might be a great way to do it. If you’re going for a lamp of this kind, then it’s worth looking for something that’s truly remarkable, and then building the rest of your décor around it.

Position your statement floor-lamp somewhere that’s prominent and visible, and make sure that all of the other elements around it support the look of the lamp. In this way, you can inject a huge amount of character into an otherwise sterile space.


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