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A Tidy Mind provides you with a Decluttering and Organising Service, covering West and North Yorkshire.  Trained by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), you can be sure you are getting a service you can trust.   We can help you declutter your home, life and mind.


So how can this benefit you?


Well, imagine glancing around your kitchen/wardrobe/office/garage or any space important to you and feeling:


CALM    //     HAPPY    //    INSPIRED    //    ENERGISED    //     JOYFUL


Imagine you could lay your hands on any of your possessions within a minute or two.


Imagine opening your wardrobe and selecting the day’s outfit within seconds and with ease.


Imagine your workspace inspired you, with an easily maintainable filing system, clutterfree desk and all important information to hand.


Imagine having more space because your possessions are stored smartly and a living in a home that is quick and easy to clean.


Imagine having more time because no longer do you start your sorting out only to stop because you feel overwhelmed.



A Tidy Mind can help you achieve all of the above and the positive impact it will have on your wellbeing is immeasurable.  This is about for more than simply removing clutter.  It is about transforming your home into a beautiful, functional space which runs like clockwork.  


Is this for me?

All kinds of people use our home decluttering and organisation service.  Time poor professionals, busy parents, downsizers, business owners, people who have been unwell, physically or emotionally. Maybe you have been building up to start this process for years or perhaops your circumstances have recently changed.  We treat you as an individual.  We help you declutter to a level with which you feel comfortable and create bespoke home organisational systems that you can easily maintain long term.


How exactly does it work?

We work with you, one to one. You always have the final say on anything that is removed or moved.  Appointments take place at your home and begin by creating a clear image of where you want to be.  Using a range of coaching and problem solving techniques, we help you discard what you do not need. Crucially, you will be assisted in the disposal/recycling of these items.  Then  your space will be expertly and beautifully organised.  You will be provided with immediate storage and organisational tips, clever quick fixes plus suggestions for more long term improvements more a more organised home.


How long does it take?

That depends, perhaps one session, perhaps 10 but you will be given an estimation.  Sessions last three to five hours.