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What exactly is this?

A Decluttering & Organising Service, covering West and North Yorkshire. Trained by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), you can be sure you are getting a service you can trust. I will help you declutter your home, life & mind. Many people start tidying their home only to stop because they feel overwhelmed.  Treating you as an individual, I help you declutter to a level with which you feel comfortable & create bespoke home organisational systems that you can easily maintain long term.


How much is it?

I charge between £28 and £35 per hour - see my packages for more info.


I need you, what next?

Contact me, Kate, by phone or email to discuss your general requirements.  I encourage you to receive a free assessment in person before you decide whether to go ahead.


If you want to specify the exact amount of time you book (and therefore cost) it makes sense to choose one of the packages:



If considering a specific project such as declutter & organise a child's room, kitchen or whole house, it can be more difficult to estimate a timescale (although I can give you an idea) so it is best to choose by project:





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Is this for people like me?

All kinds of people use a home decluttering &organisation service. Time poor professionals, busy parents, downsizers, business owners, people who have been unwell. Maybe you have been building up to start this process for years or perhaps your circumstances have recently changed.


Why do clients choose A Tidy Mind specifically?

It seems to be due to my mix of practical skills & psychology background. The positive impact this will have on your wellbeing is immeasurable.  It's about more than simply removing clutter. It is about transforming your home into a beautiful, functional space which runs like clockwork. It's also about transforming your outlook & mind for the better.


How exactly does it work?

I work with you, one to one. You always have the final say on anything that is removed or moved. Using a range of coaching and problem solving techniques, I help you create a clear image of where you want to be & guide you to discard what you do not need. Crucially, you will be assisted in the disposal/recycling of these items. Then  your space will be expertly and beautifully organised. You will be provided with immediate storage & organisational tips, clever quick fixes plus a plan for long term maintainence.


How will this service benefit me?

Imagine glancing around your home and feeling calm, content & energised? That you could lay your hands on any of your possessions within a minute or two? How nice would it be to have more space because your possessions were stored smartly? What about living in a home that is quick & easy to clean?







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