10 Small Bathroom Cabinet Ideas Couples Would Love


In the world of home and interior designing industry, small spaces are difficult to handle be it bedrooms or bathrooms. If we talk specifically about small bathrooms, they require a lot of creativity and strategic planning especially when it comes to storage solutions.

It becomes necessary to install stylish and functional cabinets for the couples who must share compact bathrooms. This will give them a sense of individuality and autonomy while maximizing storage without giving up on good aesthetics.

In this blog, we will give 10 small bathroom cabinet ideas that all of you (specially the couples) will love.

Install Vertical Shelves

The first option, in our list of bathroom vanity unit ideas, is to include vertical shelves!

You should install tall bathroom cabinets and narrow shelves on the vertical space in your bathroom. These shelves can be mounted on an empty wall. They will provide sufficient storage for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom accessories. 

One tip is to choose open shelving for an open and airy feel or choose cabinets that have glass doors. Things will look neatly organized in them while giving an open feel.

Cabinets Above the Toilet

We usually tend to ignore the area above the toilet!

You can consider utilizing that space by installing wall-hung cabinets over the toilets. Wall-hung cabinets are available in different designs, and styles from vintage to modern. 

They will provide extra storage for your bathroom essentials like tissues and toiletries. It works wonders especially if a couple is sharing the bathroom and needs a separate space for storage.

Floating Vanity with Storage

If you’re seeking bathroom vanity ideas to update your bathroom’s overall interiors, prefer selecting one based on the modern design. You can consider replacing a traditional pedestal sink with a floating vanity which has a built-in storage space. 

This is a modern-looking and space-saving solution that looks sleek and provides drawers and cabinets for storing items and accessories. Royal Bathrooms has a variety of bathroom vanity units that can meet multiple individual needs.

Cabinets in the Corners

Next, in our list of small bathroom cabinet ideas, is to consider using the corners.

Corners are often underutilized in small bathrooms!

Install a corner cabinet to make the most of this space. These cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, providing a discreet yet effective storage solution.

Consider a rotating or triangular design for easy access to items tucked away in the corners. Plus, you will be utilizing maximum space along with adding more storage capacity to your bathroom.

Consider Adding Mirror Cabinets

Do you want both functionality and style in one piece?

In this case, a mirror cabinet is the right fit for you especially when you’re seeking ideas for bathroom vanity units. 

These cabinets have a dual purpose. As they provide storage behind the mirror’s door. Mirror cabinets are ideal for storing medications, toiletries, and other bathroom accessories. 

This would serve as a practical addition to your daily routine.

Consider energy-efficient illumination features in your bathroom mirrors when updating your cabinet. This particular feature would reduce your energy consumption during your bathroom visits.

Rolling Carts/Trolleys

You can also place rolling carts or trolleys to get a flexible and portable solution for storage.

You can move them around easily!

They allow for dynamic arrangement and give quick access to various items. You can buy some stylish design that can complement the décor of your bathroom. And this is how you can enjoy the convenience of easily accessible storage that can adapt to your changing needs.

Built-In Niche Shelves

If your bathroom is in the making from scratch, you can consider making the shelves in concrete walls also known as the recessed shelves.

They can be made in the shower area too!

They add a touch of luxury and offer a storage solution for shampoos, soaps, shower gels and other shower essentials.

Ladder Shelves

You must have seen ladder shelves in some nicely furnished bookstore, right?

They are a trendy and practical addition especially in smaller bathrooms. You can place them against the wall or install a wall-mounted version, too. This is how you can stylishly display towels, baskets, and other decorative items. 

The tiered design uses the space efficiently without fiving a messed-up look to the space.

Multifunctional Furniture

Your bathroom furniture should be capable of serving multiple functions!

For example, a storage ottoman or bench like a console that has a removable top can provide hidden storage for extra towels or toiletries. 

They have a dual function as they provide seating options as well. This solution will help you make the most out of the limited space.

Go for Hanging Cabinets

It is a very good idea to maximize the floor space by hanging cabinets on the walls. You can install these cabinets above the sink or toilet. 

Couples will get additional storage room without having to sacrifice the floor space. You should choose cabinets that have sliding mirrors or doors. This feature will enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal.


And with this, you’re all set to add more storage space to your bathroom keeping functionality and style in mind. Follow these small bathroom cabinet ideas and add organization to your space.

Vertical shelving, floating vanity units and multi-functional furniture are some of the smart small bathroom vanity ideas that will suit individual tastes and needs.

Take your small bathroom space as a challenge and take advantage of these innovative ideas.

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