5 Worthy Bathroom Upgrades in 2024

bathroom upgrades

In the ever-changing world of home improvements, the bathroom remains a key focus for many homeowners. This important space, often viewed as a retreat within the home, serves not only for daily routines but also as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Therefore, investing in bathroom upgrades can bring significant benefits.

A well-designed bathroom improves daily life by providing a more comfortable, practical, and visually appealing environment. Furthermore, it substantially enhances the value of a property, making it appealing to potential buyers.

As we enter 2024, the landscape of home improvement continues to evolve, introducing a range of practical and stylish bathroom upgrades. These developments cater to modern needs and preferences, with a focus on sustainability, smart technology, and improving the user experience. Whether you’re thinking about a minor update to freshen up the appearance or a complete renovation to completely transform the space, current trends offer solutions that combine functionality with luxury.

With this in mind, let’s explore five excellent bathroom upgrades that are popular this year. Each of these upgrades not only enhances the bathroom’s functionality and comfort but also aligns with contemporary design trends, making your bathroom a standout feature of your home. From smart showers to touch-free fixtures, these upgrades promise to elevate your bathroom experience, providing both immediate satisfaction and long-term benefits.

Smart Showers

Smart technology is increasingly present in our homes, including the bathroom. Smart showers are an innovative upgrade that offers both luxury and efficiency. These high-tech systems allow users to control water temperature, flow, and even lighting through a smartphone app or voice commands. Some models come with pre-set profiles, ensuring that each family member can enjoy their preferred shower experience at the touch of a button.

Moreover, smart showers are designed to conserve water, which is important in today’s environmentally conscious world. With features like water usage monitoring and automatic shut-off, these systems help reduce both water consumption and utility bills. For installation, it’s advisable to consult with professional plumbers who have experience with the latest plumbing technologies.

High-Efficiency Toilets

In line with the increasing emphasis on sustainability, high-efficiency toilets (HETs) with bidet functionality are a crucial upgrade for 2024. These toilets use significantly less water per flush compared to traditional models and offer enhanced hygiene and comfort through integrated bidet features. This combination effectively conserves water without compromising on performance or cleanliness.

Among these, dual-flush toilets with bidet functions are particularly notable, offering different flush options for liquid and solid waste, alongside adjustable water pressure and temperature settings for the bidet feature. This versatility helps in reducing overall water usage and provides a tailored user experience.

HETs with bidet integration are available in various styles and designs, making it easy to find a model that complements your bathroom decor while also being environmentally friendly and promoting personal hygiene. From sleek, modern designs to more traditional looks, there is a HET with bidet functionality to suit every aesthetic preference and functional requirement.

When upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet and installing a bidet, it’s crucial to hire experienced plumbers who can ensure proper installation and integration of the bidet system. Professional installation maximises the water-saving benefits of these advanced systems and ensures they function correctly, providing both ecological and economic advantages for years to come.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has become a popular upgrade for bathrooms, especially in colder regions. This system provides consistent warmth throughout the floor, making those early morning showers much more comfortable. Unlike traditional radiators, underfloor heating doesn’t take up wall space, allowing for more flexible bathroom layouts.

There are two main types of underfloor heating: electric and water-based. Electric systems are easier to install and suitable for smaller spaces. Water-based systems, which circulate hot water through pipes, are more efficient for larger areas. Both options should be installed by certified plumbers to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Aesthetic appeal and functionality come together beautifully in frameless glass shower enclosures. These sleek, modern structures have a transformative effect on bathroom spaces, making them appear larger and more open. In addition to their visual benefits, frameless glass showers are easier to clean compared to traditional framed showers. The absence of metal frames enhances their minimalist look and reduces the risk of rust and mould buildup, ensuring a more hygienic and low-maintenance environment.

Frameless glass enclosures are highly versatile, available in various configurations such as sliding doors, hinged doors, and even custom designs to fit unique and irregular spaces. This flexibility allows homeowners to achieve a perfect fit for their specific bathroom layout and aesthetic preferences. To ensure a seamless installation that prevents leaks and maximises durability, it is highly recommended to hire professional plumbers and glass specialists. Their expertise ensures that the enclosure is securely and precisely installed, providing long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless fixtures are quickly becoming a standard in modern bathrooms, driven by both hygiene concerns and convenience. From faucets to soap dispensers, these sensor-operated devices reduce the spread of germs and make bathroom use more efficient. Touchless faucets, in particular, are a smart upgrade as they automatically control water flow, reducing waste and promoting water conservation.

These fixtures not only add practicality but also a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. Installing touchless fixtures typically involves some modifications to existing plumbing, so engaging professional plumbers ensures the job is done correctly and efficiently.


Investing in bathroom upgrades in 2024 is about enhancing functionality, efficiency, and comfort. Smart showers, underfloor heating, high-efficiency toilets, frameless glass shower enclosures, and touchless fixtures represent the forefront of modern bathroom design and technology. Each of these upgrades offers unique benefits, from improved water conservation to enhanced aesthetic appeal.

When planning your bathroom upgrade, it’s crucial to work with qualified plumbers who can provide expert advice and professional installation. These professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle all aspects of the plumbing work, ensuring that everything is installed correctly and up to code. With their assistance, you can ensure that your bathroom not only meets your current needs but also stands the test of time, offering comfort and efficiency for years to come. They can recommend the best fixtures, materials, and designs that suit your lifestyle and preferences, from water-saving faucets to luxurious shower systems.

Embrace these innovations and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of modern luxury and practicality. By investing in professional plumbing services, you’re not just upgrading a room; you’re creating a space that enhances your daily routines and adds value to your home. Let the experts help you achieve a beautiful and functional bathroom makeover.

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