An Interesting Storage Idea to Help Declutter Your Home

storage idea

During a decluttering session, you might find that you have a lot of stuff you can’t bring yourself to put in the ‘donate’ box so you need a storage idea.

It is normal to feel a sentimental connection with your things, but you cannot just stuff them into nooks and crannies haphazardly.

Not having storage space should not be your reason not to declutter. There are some ways to declutter without cramping your house, like onsite storage units.

How can it help?

Onsite Storage Units for Decluttering

There are a lot of things to store after decluttering, but space often becomes a problem for many people.

With onsite storage units, you can store practically anything. You can also use it for furniture storage, especially if your house is crowded with bulky furniture.

How does onsite storage work exactly?

Onsite storage means storage that stays onsite, and that site is your house. The storage space is a storage container, delivered to you by the company.

Because the storage unit is onsite, you have full access to it, day and night. That way, you don’t lose the connection with your things. You are just simply putting them away to free up some space.

Other than that, what are the benefits of onsite storage?

Benefits of Onsite Storage for Decluttering

Other than the constant access to your things, there are other benefits of onsite storage, which are;

  • You can free up more space in your house and reduce all the clutter.
  • The container will be delivered to your premises, so you can focus on decluttering and not worry about anything else.
  • Suitable to store outdoors in your yard because the container protects your things from dust, water, and mould.
  • All containers are equipped with padlock protectors. It prevents attempts to damage your padlock.
  • Every container comes with furniture blankets and tie-downs to secure your things and dampen the effect of jostling.
  • The containers are quite big, so you can stuff as many things inside as you like.
  • There is no fixed-term contract for the container rental. Therefore, you can rent the container for as long as you like.

Cheat Mode: Use an End to End Service

Now that you know there is a way to declutter without taking up much space, you can start doing it now! However, it is understandable if you cannot do it because of a busy schedule.

There is another easy solution you might love.

All onsite storage units come with full service, which includes the delivery and collection of the storage unit. But, do you know that onsite storage units have a premium service?

This premium service is an end-to-end service where the company does everything for you. They will deliver the container, declutter for you, and even store the container for you!

Sure, it seems like cheating. However, when you are busy and your house is cluttered, hiring professionals to declutter on your behalf is the right move.


Decluttering is not an easy job, and the lack of space is not making it easier. That is why a solution like onsite storage units can help you in the long run.

By having a spare space outside of your house, you can tidy it more effectively. Plus, the storage unit is stored in your house. That way, you can access all your things 24/7.

However, decluttering is not for everyone and there is an option of hiring professional declutterers. They are included in the storage unit premium package and will do an end-to-end service for you.

So, declutter your house for your own good now.

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