Brighten Up Your Space: The Art of Decorating Home with Neon Lights

neon lights

Are you looking for a way to inject some fun and excitement into your otherwise dull home décor? Look no further than neon signs. Neon lights have stood the test of time and have transcended their traditional role as flashy storefronts and commercial signs to become a glamorous addition to modern interior design. 

Custom LED neon signs have the ability to instantly transform a room and their eye-catching glow makes them a stylish addition to any décor. From accenting the furniture to lighting up the walkway, this article delves into the diverse ways of decorating homes with neon lights. Read on!

What Makes Decorating Homes with Neon Lights a Great Idea?

Want to spice up the mood and the ambiance of your rooms? What’s better than adding some neon light decorations? Here are a few more reasons you’d want to enliven your space with neon lights when decorating.

Bold Lighting Option

It is undeniable that neon signs are a bold and eye-catching lighting option. Their vibrant glow instantly lifts any room, creating a lively atmosphere. Additionally, there is a wide array of vibrant colors to select from. 

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional light bulbs, neon lights have a longer lifespan. When properly maintained, most of them can last for over ten years. Conventional light bulbs, on the other hand, last for just a few years, with some of them not getting past a few months. The longevity ensures you can enjoy your neon lights’ illumination without constantly worrying about bulb replacements.

Diversity in Shapes and Designs

Neon lights offer versatility, as they come in various shapes and designs. The numerous colors available allow you to choose an option that best suits your needs and preferences. Besides the vast color options, neon lights come in different designs and shapes. This makes them a popular choice if you’d like to experiment with different styles and make your space awe-inspiring.  

You can customize a neon sign with your favorite quote or name. Better yet, choose your favorite sports team logo and slogan as inspiration for your neon light design. The versatility of neon lights makes it possible to create a unique ambiance that best speaks to your taste. 

If you get creative with neon lights, they present a flawless way to attract friends to your space and influence the room’s energy and panache. Moreover, they have a wide operating range, and you can use them to highlight items on shelves or replace the main room lighting

How to Use Neon Light Decorations in Your Home

Now that you’re burning to add some neon lights decorating magic to your space, what are some of the best ways to do it? Here are some ideas worth implementing to keep your home more inviting with neon lights:

Create a Relaxing Mood in the Bedroom

The space you spend winding down should have signs that give you a serene feel. The neon signs also give your bedroom a unique look, adding a party feel. One way to do this is by using custom neon signs for illumination and decoration. It could be a sign of your favorite mantra or quote above your bed or the shape of an anchor or crescent against the walls of your room.

Alternatively, you could attach the neon sign to one side of the wall or go all in and hang it over the whole bed. No matter what you choose, choose colors and sizes that blend with the room décor and meet your preferences.

What’s more? Neon signs are a brilliant way to bring life to your little one’s nursery and rooms. Use warm colors to display their names or pet names, or make the lights an art of their favorite superhero characters to give the room some character.

Give your living room a modern feel

Decorating your home with neon lights does not stop in the bedroom as the living room is another area of your home that could use some neon light spice. Feel free to experiment with your own ideas of neon signs to make the space dynamic and unique. You can go for anything from random to witty or personal signs.

If your living room has a calm color scheme, consider brightening it with neon signs with pop colors. You could place the signs above the door edge or below photograph frames to capture the attention of your visitors. Using various phrases, shapes, images, or words of inspiration can uplift the mood in your living room.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it doesn’t hurt to get creative with neon lights and artwork. In the kitchen, neon signs add a feel of quirkiness, and the best ones are those that blend seamlessly with the décor. Pair this up with some culinary signs and food-inspired phrases.

Looking to inject some color into your kitchen step? Try this idea out: paint the walls above your countertops in a bold orange and top off with an orange ‘Food for the Soul’ custom neon sign in an eye-catching font. The neon light will look stunning against the backdrop and pop up when lit, transforming your simple space into a magical experience.

Create Lifelong Memories in The Dining Room

Think of all the birthday celebrations, brunches, and tea sessions you have spent with your loved ones around the dining table. Yes, the dining room is where all the memories are made. And it is possible to make this space even more memorable by incorporating luminous neon lights for a minimalistic look

Choose a minimalist décor complemented with brilliant neon light signs at strategic spots on the wall. Or go wild by infusing eclectic artwork, bespoke furnishings, and an abundance of color before finishing the look with a vibrant sign that gives your space ‘bar’ vibes for a classic look.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxation Haven

Thanks to IP67 waterproof ratings, various neon signs can make the perfect art for your bathroom. Consider including bold neon signage against a wallpapered backdrop and surrounding it with eclectic décor and art pieces. Doing so instantly lifts your space into an Instagram-worthy spot for the most amazing mirror selfies. 

A general rule of thumb is to place the custom LED neon signs close to a mirror to create a double effect. Surrounded by mirrors, the light bounces around the bathroom, transforming it into a spa-like oasis. 

Create a Chill Mood in Your Home Bar

If you love to wind down after a long day with your favorite drink, your home isn’t complete without a bar. And no home bar is complete without custom neon light signs. So, as you sip on your red wine, you’ll also be basking in the luminous neon glow.

Customized signage with catchy phrases like ‘Wine O’clock’ or ‘Drunk in Love’ pointing toward the bar is a great place to start. If you plan on using neon lights for minimalistic look, keep the signage as simple as possible. In addition to capturing the attention of the people entering your space, the signs have a soft ambiance, making your space feel even cozier.

Neon Light Your Home Office

One of the best things you can do for your home office is to spice it up with neon lights decorating magic. In addition to creating a calming ambiance, neon light signs add motivational artwork to keep you focused and grounded. Also, you can light up your business logo and use it for your visual content. They are incredible backdrops for your Zoom calls and video conferences. 

Keep Your Gaming Spirit High

Are you a gamer who loves creating and streaming Twitch videos? Do you like vintage and modern games? You can level up your gaming experience with a games room neon sign. 

If you are a Pokémon lover, consider filling the room with Pokémon collectibles and customized gamertag signage, and voila! You have a space you can escape into when you want to connect with your gaming buddies or fanbase.

The Corners of Your Home

It’s easy to ignore the corners when decorating homes with neon lights. But the good news is that, with carefully selected neon signs, these areas can stand out.

Here are different ways to light up corners with the neon light dazzle:

  • Entryways
  • Space for family photographs
  • The walls surrounding a staircase
  • Wardrobes, study rooms and closets

Feel free to try out different styles; just make sure to match them to the corners you’re decorating. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, incorporating neon lights into your home décor is a sure way to bring vibrancy and personality to your spaces. With their eye-catching glow, neon lights have evolved from traditional storefronts to become a staple of modern interior design. 

Their versatility in shapes and designs makes them an ideal option for homeowners looking to scale up the looks of their homes. In addition to making your home more beautiful, decorating homes with neon lights helps personalize your space, giving it a touch of individuality. So why the wait? Get yourself some neon lights and watch them transform your space.

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