Can automated tech can make your home run like clockwork?

It comes as no surprise that so many of us as households have a tech-friendly home. Whether it’s simply a laptop that you own or app-controlled appliances. And as the demand for technology increases, there’s definitely going to be more homes with technology. Automation through tech can make your home life a little easier. And so if you want that to be so, here are some ways to add technology to your home.

automated tech

Smart Heating

Systems such as Google Nest make homes more energy efficient because they learn from you. They get to know the temperature you like when you’re at home. And turns it down when you’re away. They even learn how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so only use the energy required.

Camera-Equipped Doorbells 

A lot of our lives nowadays involve cameras. They’re everywhere, but they help us in many ways. When you’re at home or away from it, there is always a priority to keep your home safe from threats on the outside. One way to help make that so is through your doorbell. Doorbells usually alert you when someone is at the door. And up until now, there wouldn’t be much to it. It would consist of a button and a bell noise when pressed. Now though, you have companies like Nest who are producing camera-equipped doorbells. These enable you to answer the door if it rings while you’re away from the property. This is a really handy thing to have particularly if you’re on holiday and you’re worried about security. Have you ever missed a delivery, even when you’re in the property? This gives you the ability to see what’s going on from the outside through your phone or electronic device.

Amazon Echo

With mobile phones changing the traditional format of how we called people, the best cordless phones are still used by many. However, we’re always after that thing which will work hard for us, and that recently came in the form of an Amazon Echo. The Echo is effectively like a virtual assistant for your home. It can answer pretty much any question, play the music that’s linked to your phone, and dial numbers. If you’re looking for ease of use and making certain home tasks a little easier then getting a helping hand from this little device might be just what’s needed.

Remote Operated Lighting

Lighting can really improve the mood of a room, and depending on the vibe you want to give to your home, you may want to consider getting lighting that’s more elevated. This would be something in the form of a remote-controlled light that you would operate from a device like a remote control or your own phone. It’s especially beneficial when you have a bigger home, and you find yourself at times forgetting to turn a light off. This gives you the ability to simply turn on and turn off lights in one tap of a button. There are various versions out there, so it’s worth finding the one that suits you and your home the most.


Talking of cameras once again, CCTV is certainly handy in catching out the bad guys. To protect you and your home, you may want to think about getting some protection in the form of CCTV. There’s a lot of professional equipment nowadays that comes in handy for watching over the home. A lot now will also let you see a live feed of the property, which is handy if you’re away on holiday and need to check to make sure everything is ok.

Pet Cameras

If you have a pet, you may wonder at times what it is that they get up to. Some pets can get quite lonely, and even if you’d love to remain at home, your job may not provide that opportunity. One way of connecting with your pet is through pet cameras. Some even have the ability to dispense treats, and that can be a little extra comfort to your pet and something they recognize every time your voice carries through the speaker. It can also help you discipline your pet if it’s doing something that it shouldn’t be doing, like lounging on the sofa or attempting to find food in the kitchen. Dogs and cats are very clever, and it’s not until you leave them alone, that you realize they have skills! You also might be interested in reading our previous popular post: how to create a pet friendly garden.

Self-Watering Plant Pots

And if you love having plants in your property but have no time to look after them, you could get some self-watering plant pots. These allow you to go about your daily business without needing to worry about the plants for a few weeks. 

Adding technology to your home, certainly can make it easier, leaving you more time to relax when you’re at home. So try implementing some of these into your life.

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