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September 30, 2023IT And ADHD: How To Leverage Tech In Your Home

The rise in ADHD diagnoses, particularly among adults and boys aged 10-16, underscores the growing awareness and understanding of this neurodivergent condition in the UK. As ADHD becomes more recognised, individuals and families are seeking effective strategies to support their children. Technology, with its vast potential, offers a unique avenue to aid those with ADHD. […]

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May 19, 2023Response to BBC Documentary ‘Private ADHD Clinics Exposed’ 2023

My Perspective Do Better BBC… It failed to ‘expose’ the important issues: This was a poor piece of journalism that missed the most important messages of: a) the impact of undiagnosed ADHD and b) how being on long ADHD waiting lists is harming already vulnerable people I’ve never known anyone have a 3.5 hour long […]

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April 12, 2022The 3 Best Note-Taking Apps For Adults With ADHD

If you’re one of many adults with ADHD, chances are you have an area(s) at work or in your house that is littered with notes, scribbles, scrawlings, doodles, to-dos, and knick-knacks of various sorts. For most people, this is a junk drawer or nightstand, but for adults with ADHD, a large swath of surfaces can […]

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