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May 26, 2021Keeping Your Home In The Best Shape Possible

The pandemic has seen many of us spending significantly more time in our own homes than we usually would. During usual times, we’d often leave for work, to take the kids to school or to head out to social activities and hobbies. But since the implementation of social distancing and social isolation rules (in a […]

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January 20, 2021Choosing the right clock for your home

Clocks can make great decorative features in our homes as well as helping us to keep track of time. As home organisation experts, we often advise on the placement of furniture and accessories so we know that choosing the right clock for your home is important. Nowadays, clocks come in all shapes and sizes. The […]

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December 14, 20205 Ways to Add Style to Your Home without the Risk of Décor Overload

When designing the interior you may look for ways to add style to your home. Adding décor is a great way to give the space personality, style, and that unique customised look. It’s what will set your home apart from others, and ensure that it’s a reflection of you rather than just a page out […]

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