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December 29, 2019New Year, New Decluttering Goals

A new year & decade is almost upon us! January is a fabulous month to declutter your home & streamline your life. Forget big, scary ‘resolutions’. Maybe what’s needed is less rather than more. Caroline shares some simple decluttering tips below. If you would like professional help to tackle your clutter, Caroline is based in […]

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January 1, 2019New Year Subtractions

Happy New Year! How are you feeling today? Are you in the mood for setting goals? Or does it all feel a little overwhelming? I firmly believe that, in order to make improvements to life, you often don’t need anything. Instead, it might be better to lose something.  Ultimately, you may need to have less… […]

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January 23, 2018Is your time ‘contaminated’?

Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about time and how I use it. I’ve always liked to be ‘busy’. I may complain about it at times, but it’s also a crutch. I need to be busy. It makes me feel as though I’m achieving something and avoiding my biggest bugbear of all – wasting […]

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January 6, 2017The Gift of Regifting

Regift verb gerund or present participle: regifting riːˈɡɪft/ give (an unwanted gift that one has received) to someone else as a gift. “do you think she’ll regift that horrendous vase?” I think regifting is a great idea!  And I think it’s resourceful rather than cheap. Is it rude? Not if you are genuine about graciously accepting […]

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