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January 12, 2022A Guide To Choosing A Coffee Machine

As professional home organisers, one of our passions is choosing belongings that bring us joy as well as functionality. Let’s consider coffee machines. You have so much choice when choosing one nowadays. As the machines have developed, there are hundreds of models with many different functions and abilities for producing coffee. Some can only produce […]

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November 11, 2020How to declutter your time

In order to be productive, managing our time well is the most important thing to do to get on top of things. Distractions are everywhere and things which aren’t important, steal our focus and clutter our time. As a professional organiser and owner of A Tidy Mind – London, I’m well aware of what a […]

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October 1, 2020The Importance of High Quality Fitted Windows and Doors

As professional organisers specialising in working in homes, we always advise ‘quality over quantity’. Certain parts of your home are worth investing in over others. For example, you might choose a budget rug and it can still look fabulous. But the importance of high quality windows and doors is significant. They can really add that […]

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