Getting Your Home Healthy For Autumn

Getting your home healthy

We might just be looking at the start of summer right now, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared. The season is going to end before we know it and the cold, the rain, and all of the little risks to your home’s health that come with them are approaching. As such, here are a few checks for getting your home healthy that you should make now, rather than when they can really affect you.

Don’t neglect your heating

It’s not an unfair statement to say that most of us don’t really think about the health of our home heating systems so long as everything looks like it’s working fine. It’s only when they start acting up that we really pay them any mind. However, this usually happens when we need it most (since that’s when we try to use it more often) and it’s more expensive to wait rather than to be proactive, so consider calling out a heating technician for an annual servicing. Aside from keeping it in good condition, they can also spot any potential problems coming down the line.

Righting your roof

Autumn tends to bring with it a lot of rain and wind, and if you have an older roof, then you might find it starts showing some big vulnerabilities this time of year. Cracks, missing tiles, or worn out tile material can all lead to leaks penetrating and infiltrating the home, causing mould, damp, and material damage. Hiring a roof repair and replacement teams can help you ensure this doesn’t happen by fixing what needs it. If you’re using an existing conservatory roof  with a solid roof, always look for  high quality solid roof replacement that will last longer. 

Watch out for some unlikely friends

Summer might seem like when pests are most likely to be more active, but in truth, autumn is when many of them start looking for ways inside the home to protect themselves from the weather. Ants, bed bugs, and the like are all concerns, but it’s usually rodents that can be the biggest health risk. If you spot signs like droppings, unexplained shavings of wood, or musty scents in the home, you should get in touch with pest control. Rodents can contaminate your food and be a real risk to people with allergies or asthma.

Put your mind in the gutter

Your roof isn’t the only place that can lead to leaks if you’re not careful. In the autumn, there’s a lot more green debris flying around due to trees losing their leaves and like. Windy days can carry this debris up to the gutters, where they, alongside the dirt that builds up naturally throughout the year, can clog the gutter. When the gutter is blocked, the water trying to find other paths to travel and can wear away at the home, causing cracks and leaks. Invest in cleaning your gutter at least once a year to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Whether you’re renting or owning, the work of making sure that your home is safe and healthy to live in doesn’t end. It’s important to invest a little time in it now so it doesn’t become a more costly crisis later.

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