How to Prepare Your Car to Be Shipped

prepare your car to be shipped

There are many reasons for shipping your vehicle across the country. You can choose to ship your car via train, truck, plane, or ferry. Whichever type of car shipping you select, preparing your car is vital. Your car is a valuable, indispensable item. It is something you want to ship with care. Preparing well for your car’s transport will ensure its safety and your peace of mind and that’s where organisation comes in to help you prepare your car to be shipped. Consider these tips below to help things go smoothly:

Checking the Battery Charge

This is an important thing to do if you want to ship your car across international waters. Expect to pay more if your car won’t start at all when the shipper needs to move it off the carrier. It will also give you problems once the carrier arrives at your new home and they cannot get your car off the carrier. If your home is far away from the drop point, you would have to pay the carrier to deliver the car to your new address.

Checking for Leaks and Fluid Levels

Any overflow of fluids can affect the performance of your car. It could also damage your car’s engine. Check your car for any leaks. Be sure to bring your car to a professional mechanic to get a full welfare check. The mechanic could then fix the leak or any other problem.

Filling the tank with fuel about a quarter full is enough. This will prevent gasoline from leaking out. Less fuel will also make your car weigh less. It will cost you less to ship your car if it is lighter.

You can avoid fluid leakage by reducing the fluid levels in your car’s expansion tank. This will allow antifreeze and air to expand. It will help your car adapt to rising pressure and temperature during transit. This will solve any problems when your car gets to its destination.

Disabling Anti-theft Devices and Alarms

Doing this will make the driver more comfortable in accessing your car. Having these security precautions are fine, but they can annoy people if they make noise during transport. Your vehicle is in secure hands if you choose an experienced and reputable car shipping company like Sherpa Auto Transport. It will be under the company’s surveillance the whole time. While in transit, your car will not need alarms at all.

Cleaning Your Car Before Shipping

It is important to clean your car inside and out. This will make the car inspection easier. A clean interior will also make it pleasant for the inspectors. Cleaning should include removing trinkets in the car. This will remove any obstacles to the inspection.

Taking Out the Valuables

Personal belongings and valuables like jewellery, documents, gadgets, and ornaments will not be the carrier’s responsibility. Losing them will not put the car shipping company liable. It is ideal to take them all out and leave your car bare. Your carrier will have proper documentation for your vehicle. They will not need your personal belongings to know it is yours.

Removing Detachable Parts and Protecting Loose Accessories

You can tell your mechanic to remove any detachable parts of the car. These are often add-ons you have accumulated through the years. Fog lights, side mirrors, and spoilers are a few of them. Also, instruct your mechanic to protect the loose accessories. Sometimes, chrome detailing or parts of the interior come loose. Protecting, tightening, or gluing them will prevent them from falling off during inspection and transit.

Taking Pictures of Your Car

Photographing your car is part of your personal inspection. Doing this before handing your vehicle to your carrier will serve as proof. It will be documentation of your car’s pre-shipping condition. Giving a copy of the photos to your carrier will help them check your car during and after transit.

Having an Extra Set of Keys

You will need to give the carrier their copy of your keys, but you will get them back after delivery. This will allow the carrier to transport, adjust, and deliver your car to its new home. Keeping the original keys with you will give you peace of mind. It will also ensure access to your car after its delivery.

Preparing Your Car To Be Shipped & Prevent Any Issue or Stress

Your car is a huge purchase. It is only natural for you to be careful with its shipping. Choosing the right carrier, cleaning your car, and preparing all the documents will result in a smooth shipping process. Working with your mechanic can help resolve any car issue before the inspection. Checking with the carrier will allow you to cross out the things you should do to get your car ready for shipping.

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