How To Properly Clean Wooden Blinds

how to clean wooden blinds

The UK weather has been quite summery recently but it’s definitely still Spring. With that in mind and with most of us spending far more time at home, so it’s a good time to start deep cleaning. Although we declutter and organise primarily, we often research cleaning questions for clients. One is how to properly clean wooden blinds?

Ok, ok, so it doesn’t sound like the most tempting of tasks, but as with anything, if you break it down into little tasks, you can make it manageable. Those little niggling cleaning tasks can be completed with minimum effort and your home experience will be all the better for it. The best thing is that properly cleaned and maintained belongings, fixtures, fittings and furnishings will last longer and you’ll treasure them them more. That’s why as home organisers, we’re enthusiastic about proper cleaning.

It’s easy and tempting to skip out on cleaning those hard to reach and often forgotten about places like the skirting boards, ceilings, and the blinds. But neglecting the blinds isn’t the best idea because a build up of dust and dirt is noticeable to you every time you use them.

Ideally, clean blinds thoroughly twice a year, while blinds in your kitchen should be cleaned a little more often than that. If you have wooden blinds, there’s a certain skill to clean them so they keep looking their best. They may be covered with dust because you have not touched them in years and you may be eager to start cleaning, but take it slow. To make sure your wooden blinds are here for the long-haul, it is good to make sure you clean them properly. Below, we share a few tips on how to clean your wooden blinds to help:

Find out if your blinds are real or fake

This is a very important question you must ask yourself before getting started. Faux wooden blinds are heavy and the grain pattern is the same on every slat. They are also usually made with vinyl and are resistant to moisture, so they are a tad easier to clean. According to, real wooden blinds may not have the same pattern on every slat, light-weight, and are not water-resistant as too much moisture can cause the slats to change colors or warp over time.  Since faux wooden blinds do not mind moisture, you can use whatever cleaning solution you have lying around the house to clean.

Real Wood Blinds

There is a specific way you have to clean real wooden blinds to prevent damage. Dusting blinds weekly is the best way to prevent dust and dirt from forming a hard to get off coat on the blinds. It is also the first step to getting sparkling, clean blinds. First, close the blinds to make sure they are flat. Using a duster or vacuum (we suggest using a vacuum), start at the top and get each slat side to side, left to right. Then, flip the slats on the other side, and do this step again.

Next, pour a little bit of wood cleaner in a small bucket with water to dilute it, dunk your cleaning towel, wring it out of any excess water (make sure it is not dripping), and start wiping your blinds. Again, it is better to lay the blinds flat and start from the top and work your way down. Make sure you have another towel specifically for drying because you are going to use it to dry your slats after you have washed them.

Apply wood conditioner, like lemon oil or a store-bought wood conditioner, to prevent your newly cleaned blinds from looking dull or faded.

Last are the cords that hold the slats. Spray shaving cream (yep really!) on a clean cloth, take hold of the cord with the cloth and rub it with shaving cream until it is clean. Viola! You now have clean wooden blinds.

Do look after your precious belongings and they will bring you joy for longer. If you’d like to learn more about making your own non toxic home cleaning products, click here.

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