How to Use Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

There are times when it gets really cold and one will have to search for ways to heat the whole house to feel warm. One way to do this is through the use of wood-burning stoves.

A wood stove is a kind of stove that uses wood to keep the fire burning. It can be very effective especially if you know how to use it. When you get a good wood stove, you will find that there are several benefits attached to it especially if you understand the usage.

Also, there are important things that you may need to know if you want to keep your stove functioning for a long time. First, you need to know that fire needs oxygen to burn so try to make room for adequate oxygen. Also, do not leave the stove unattended as this may lead to a fire outbreak.

We have outlined some tips to help you have a better understanding of wood stoves and how to use them. You will also find some benefits in this article. Please read on as we explain more.

Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

The following are some benefits derived from using this stove:

Good for the Environment

Wood burning is ideal for the environment and these stoves cut down carbon emissions through the use of logs. Logs are categorized under low-carbon sources of fuel so it is both economical and generally good for the environment.

Creates Employment

Because these stoves use woods, there is a need to have people work in the woodlands. These people cut down woods that are used for cooking and other essentials and they get paid for their services.

Reduces Bills

When you have this stove, you will find that your heating bills will reduce to a great extent. This is because the cost of purchasing wood is cheaper than using electric heaters or gas-powered devices. Getting one for yourself will save you some funds and the result is quite impressive.

How to Use Wood Burning Stoves

The following are some methods to help you:

Read the User’s Manual

Most devices come with manuals where instructions on how to use them are clearly stated. Before you start using a wood stove, you need to read the manual before you start a fire to ensure that you are getting it right. If there’s no manual, you can find tips to help you here:

Go for the Right Fuel

This is an important aspect of using a wood stove. There are several kinds of wood available but it is recommended that you go for seasoned dry wood. Fresh woods contain so much water and attempting to burn it will lead to a waste of money and wood. Wet woods cause creosote buildup and create a lot of smoke.

Open the Controls

It is a known fact to many people that oxygen is a major determinant of how the fire burns. Many stoves have just one lever that is used to control the valves that allow air passage into the burner. When you want to start a fire, you have to fully open the valves. Doing this allows adequate air inside the burner and this will help to start the fire.

Add Some Kindling

To get the fire going, you need to start with little cuts of wood used to improve the temperature of the burner and keep the flames burning. You can use crumpled newspaper pieces to prepare by placing them in the middle of the burner before adding the kindling. Ensure that they are dry and small enough to serve the purpose.

After this, you can use a match or lighter to start the fire through the newspaper placed beneath the kindling. If you need a visual aid on how to start a fire in a wood stove, you can watch this video.


Wood Stoves offer a great way for users to heat their homes while also providing a relaxation spot in the living room. People who have this stove can gather around it to have family time. Before you start using this stove, it is important that you properly understand the usage so you can get the utmost from this fantastic addition to your home.

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