Making Decluttering Easier

Making Decluttering Easier

If you find that you are often having to declutter your entire home, then there might be a problem with the way you are doing it. Or perhaps you stop and start when it comes to decluttering. In many cases, it can all be down to not being decisive enough. Or perhaps something in the layout of the home, or the storage, means that it tends to get messier than you would hope. There can actually be many things that make decluttering harder, or which mean that you have to do it so much more often. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the things to bear in mind if you want to make sure you are making decluttering easier on yourself in the future.

Make All The Decisions

It’s so easy to gloss over a decision you have to make. Especially if it seems small and insignificant. But these small decision delays add to to a lot of clutter. Paperwork is a good example. Asking yourself what can be recycled or shredded when the post hits the doormat is a good habit. And then following it up with the action is essential too. Try to avoid leaving the decision in the air or for later. Another related tip is to follow through with decisions. And if you can’t, then you may make a different decision. For example, you may want to give away a book to a friend. But it’s important to decide when you will do this and make a plan to do so (for example putting it in the post there and then). Otherwise, items can still hang around in your space for quite some time.

Use Bespoke Storage Solutions

Many times, your home is going to be messy simply because it is not really well designed for you in particular. You might have a lot of items that don’t really fit anywhere, and so they routinely end up on the floor or in the way somehow, and that just creates more and more work for you over time. To avoid this situation, you might want to think about making use of some bespoke storage solutions, so that you can easily and seamlessly declutter the house in future – or remove and reduce the need for decluttering at all. A good example is to have made to measure fitted wardrobes which you know will always store your clothes just how you need to.

Divide The Process Up

When it comes to actually doing the decluttering itself, you can make that a lot easier on yourself just by ensuring that you divide the process up as much as possible. That means separating it into a number of smaller tasks, and then dealing with each small task in turn in a methodical way. This has the effect of making the task of decluttering your home much less intimidating, and you might be amazed at how much of a difference this can really make. In particular, it ensures that you know what the problem areas are and how to deal with them – as well as which ones you should look into first. This alone makes things a lot easier to work on in general.

Learn To Let Go

If we are being honest, one of the main challenges and difficulties that most people come across in decluttering is a psychological one: namely, being unable to let go of old items that you have around the home. They might have sentimental value, or you might just find that you have something of a hoarding attitude when it comes to particular items. Whatever the underlying cause is, you will need at some point to try and let go of those items, otherwise decluttering is just never going to be feasible. Although this is hard, it is essential, and you will find that both your home and your mental health benefit from learning how to let go a little more.

With these simple ideas in place, decluttering should be so much easier from now on. If you need help with decluttering – get in touch for a free consultation.

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