Modernise your garden with these great ideas

modernise your garden

Your garden is an essential part of your property and your space. By tidying it, modernising it and making the garden a more aesthetically pleasing place, you can enjoy a relaxing haven for you to get away from the world. But if you want to optimise your outside space, it can take time and effort. This is where A Tidy Mind come in to help you take a step back and make your environment work for you. If you’re lacking inspiration, try reading on for some ideas on giving your garden a lift.

Simplify, Declutter & Tidy

Don’t skip this step!. With any space, the starting point is clearing out any clutter. Tidying up your garden can make a huge difference to how it looks and allow you to see more potential in the space. You may find that your outside space needs a good clearing of dead leaves, a weed or a sweep. This alone can start to create a blank canvas. There may be recycling and rubbish to dispose of or bushes and foliage to cut back. Ask yourself whether there is anything you can donate such as unwanted garden gnomes, furniture or children’s outdoor toys. You might want to consider repairing or replacing any cracked paving stones or damaged fencing.

Revamp your garden shed

If your garden shed is beginning to look old and tired, you could consider revamping it. This begins with maintenance and repairs. Check for leaks, rot, broken windows and other signs of deterioration. If any wood does indeed need replacing, having the right, quality tools such as a DeWalt nail gun set is very handy. Once you’ve revamped your shed, you’ll have a blank canvas. You can then consider adding shelving, hooks or other storage. Or you can consider converting the shed into something more comfortable like an office or living space.

Build a pergola

Building a pergola is another option that can help you modernise your garden. This is a garden feature that’s characterised by a shaded passageway or a relaxing sitting area, usually supported by wooden crossbeams. While they can seem like an imposing structure to build, they aren’t expensive or difficult to construct as a DIY project. You can create your own one with solid woodworking skills, or you can purchase a ready-made box for your project. Perhaps you don’t want it there all year round? In which case, you could consider a pop up canopy instead.

Invest in some modern garden furniture and accessories

If you don’t want to embark on a time-consuming DIY project, there are simple purchases you can make to modernise your garden. New garden furniture can give your space a real lift, creating a relaxing sitting area for you to enjoy those long summer nights. On top of this, you could consider adding outdoor sofas, solar lights, tables or even some ornate statues to decorate your garden. Just ensure that each of your purchases fits into the wider style of the garden. You don’t want them to stand out awkwardly. Alternatively, consider whether you can use what you have and upcycle a piece of furniture. You could cover indoor furniture with weather proof paint. Or source something from a charity shop to revamp.

Install a garden bar

If you’re feeling more ambitious, though, you could consider installing a garden bar. This centrepiece can change the entire complexion of your garden. But it’ll take work! A garden bar will usually be an elaborate worktop place in the garden, ideal for hosting guests and using it as a hub for drinks. family games or a BBQ. There are plenty of design ideas out there. One option you could consider is repurposing your garden shed and using it as the basis for your new garden bar. Or you could build a pre standing unit. You could also keep it simple and have a simple floating shelf with stools underneath. Finally, you could upcycle an old chest of drawers or dresser.


Modernising your garden can give your entire property a lift. And by following the guide above, you should have plenty of inspiration for your next project to revitalise your garden or outside space.


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