Issues That May Prevent You From Moving Home And How To Avoid Them

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Moving home is a step we all must take at some point. Your current home may not be big enough for you anymore, or your financial situation has changed. Whatever your reason for moving house, you may be shocked to find out how difficult this process is. There is a lot that can prevent you from moving home, so let’s look at what hurdles you may face and how you can clear them.

High Prices

The biggest problem you may face when trying to move house is the lofty price of the houses on the market, especially if you are trying to move to accommodate your growing family. You will likely sell your current home for less than the price of a larger home, depending on the area you are moving to, but this is no reason to worry.

The prices on the housing market are always in flux, which means that you may encounter a drop in price that works in your favour. Try to be patient, and you may find that you can afford the house of your dreams without straying too far out of your initial budget.

Bad Credit

When buying a home, you must offer up a sizable deposit that determines how much your mortgage repayments will cost going forward. However, this deposit isn’t the only thing you need to provide. A bank will only allow you to set up a mortgage if you provide evidence that you can make the monthly repayments. Unfortunately, you may struggle if you are refinancing with bad credit.

It isn’t impossible to start re-mortgaging with bad credit; you may have to look for extra help elsewhere. A company like Money Nest in the UK can advise those with poor credit to make the necessary purchases. If you suffer the negative effects of bad credit history, it is well worth giving them a call so this issue doesn’t prevent you from moving home.

Not Registered To Vote

Every country still has a few old laws that do not make much sense, and the UK is no different. You must be registered to vote to qualify for a mortgage.

This may sound strange on the surface; however, this process is a quick way for lenders to confirm your identity and current address. You should already be registered to vote if you own a home, so don’t forget that you must register again when you plan to move to a new area.


Stress is something that you will experience quite frequently in modern life. It is nothing to worry about daily, but you may find that a big life change can negatively affect your mental health if you do not prepare properly.

Moving house and moving home is a lengthy process, one that is full of ups and downs. You will likely become stressed for a long time when moving house, and piling on more worries than the ones you already have may cause you to become depressed or worse. This is especially true if you are struggling to improve your credit score. Try to make an educated assessment of how you feel before you put the moving plan into action. There is no rush, and you must take a little extra time for yourself should you need it.


Many organisations will warn you about re-schooling children at a critical age. However, there are benefits to changing schools that many people dismiss. This switch can help your children learn to adapt to a new environment and social situations early. This strategy is perfect for helping them grow into independent and high-functioning adults.

Unfortunately, re-schooling does have its downsides. Children who miss out on certain development deadlines can struggle to keep up, which is why it is important that you keep your child in school for as long as possible. Most studies have shown that there is little to no effect in moving schools before the end of KS2, so make sure you have made all of your movement plans before your children reach this stage.


It may seem silly to some, but a household pet is still a huge part of your family. You want to move home to a place where everyone is happy, which means you need to consider the quality of life of your furry friends.

A local main road can prevent you from letting your cat outside, and a lack of parks in the area may make walking your dog difficult. It is only a small consideration, but make sure you have thought about everyone in the house before deciding where to move.


Life s full of unexpected twists. However, you shouldn’t let any of these prevent you from moving home or stop you from making the move you want. Consider all of the above before moving home; nothing should stand in your way.


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