Smart Design For Studio Apartments

design for studio apartments

Increasing numbers of people are opting for studio or ‘micro’ apartments when searching for a place to live. Therefore clever design for studio apartments is all important in order to optimise living in a small space.

This is an option that is particularly appealing to young professionals who have recently left their parents’ home, are studying, or are working and intend to live alone. Why? Well, there are various factors to take into account:

Financially Realistic

First of all the cost of renting or buying properties is constantly on the rise, and studio apartments tend to come in a whole lot cheaper than one bed apartments or larger properties. This is because they are a lot smaller. A studio apartment will generally consist of one, open plan, multi-purpose room with a small kitchen or kitchenette in the corner and a small bathroom attached.

Conveniently Located

Another appealing aspect of studio apartments is that they tend to be located in inner cities. This is logical, as space is tight and living spaces are in high demand, so landlords tend to separate properties into multiple studio apartments that they can rent out to numerous individuals. Young professionals tend to aim to live in inner cities, as there tends to be plenty of work on offer and it puts them in a prime location for socialising and in a close proximity to plenty of amenities.

Easy To Maintain

The small size of studio apartments also makes them a lot easier to maintain around a busy lifestyle. However, while these create great homes, you do have to be pretty smart with your interior design in order to organise and maximise your living space.

Below are just a few ideas that should help to make your studio apartments for rent as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible.

Wall Beds

Every home needs a bed. After all, the main purpose of your home is to provide you with a shelter where you can sleep at night. However, this is one of the largest pieces of furniture that you can buy and many people living in studio apartments tend to end up settling for a single bed, as this uses up as little space as possible. While you can get an alright night’s sleep in a single bed, a double or larger size bed will provide you with more comfort. This is important when you take the importance of sleep quality into account. You can stretch out without your limbs hanging over the edge of the mattress and roll over without falling onto the floor.

So, what can you do if you want a larger, more comfortable bed, but don’t want to sacrifice space? Well, we are all well aware that wall beds save space in spare bedrooms, but when you live in a space with just one room, they can come in equally (if not more) useful. Wall beds can be pulled down when you want to sleep on them at night, but can be pushed back up into the wall when you want to make use of the space they would usually take up.


Pretty much every home will have at least one mirror. This is usually located in the bathroom, so that you can use it while getting ready in the mornings. But mirrors can also be used as a brilliant interior design tool in small spaces. As we all know, they reflect whatever is opposite them. But in terms of design, this helps to maximise spaces, as it adds more depth to the room. They also reflect light, which helps to spread natural light around your apartment. This opens the space up and is also great for your overall health and wellbeing!

Storage Options

While you should minimise your personal belongings when you’re living in a space that is bound to be as confined as a studio apartment is, you will need to keep a few bits and bobs. So, it’s important to invest in clever storage solutions for the items that you will have in your home. Bookshelves or small cupboards mounted on walls tend to be less space consuming than free standing storage units. If you don’t opt for a wall bed, you should at least maximise a free standing bed’s utility by investing in under bed storage options.

These are just a few different ideas to get the ball rolling. There are plenty of things that you can do to make even studio or a small room more appealing and functional. You just have to put a little more thought into your design process. And avoid the temptation to collect up unnecessary items that will quickly start to look like junk and clutter.

Thank you for reading!

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