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May 7, 20197 Reasons Why A Tidy Home Equals A Tidy Mind

Tidy Home Tidy Mind You have probably heard this phrase a thousand times before but, ‘a tidy home really does equal a tidy mind.’ If you aren’t quite sold on the idea, there are many reasons why this life philosophy works! There are a number of ways in which clutter can affect your home and […]

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April 18, 2019Why Tidy? Reasons why living without clutter makes you happier

Declutter Your Life: it could make you more content The average number of possessions per person has increased HUGELY over the last two generations. Contentment levels however appear to have decreased. So it’s clear that excessive consumption does not fulfill its promise to make people happier.  So far, so anti consumerism…. But let’s analyse it […]

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