Tidy Space Tidy Mind – How Does Cleaning And Getting Organised Affect Your Mental Health?

tidy space tidy mind

Improving your mental health can be achieved in various ways. Mindful activities such as yoga and meditation have shown to be effective for benefiting someone’s mental health as the practices can reduce stress.  Moreover, there are other physical practices that can make the mind a more calm and collected place. Cleaning and getting organised are two acts that can improve your space and hygiene but can also be effective for improving your mental health. These practices make for a tidy space as much as they make for a tidy mind. On that note, here is everything you will want to know relating to tidy space tidy mind. Plus tips on how cleaning and getting organised can affect your mental health. 


How cleaning and getting organised affects your mental health

You might wonder how exactly cleaning and being organised can have a direct impact on your brain. It might seem strange that physical actions can benefit the mind, help it slow down, and gain focus. However, it is real and cleaning can indeed improve your mental health. Cleaning and getting organised create a tidy space. A tidy space means less clutter and mess. This allows more room for the mind to focus.

Lots of clutter and mess can hinder concentration levels and hinder your productivity, which can cause stress.  Instead of being easily distracted by lots of clutter, you can gain better focus and improve your brain’s ability to think clearly and attain information. 

For example, let’s say you often allow clutter to hinder your focus and due to that, you never get anything done. Instead, you can practice being organised with your daily errands and life. By clearing your space and using the freedom to write lists, which can help you stay focused and get done what you need to and prevent stress.  You will no longer need to miss out on your medication prescriptions, lunch hour, meal prep, and/or daily meditation as you can write lists and stay organised. Within the further organisation, you can obtain your medication easily through sites like Oxford Online Pharmacy and do not need to leave the house or have the food in the house ready to prepare for the week. Thus, these organised and timely efforts will make more room for downtime and/or other practices that make you happy.  You can maximise your time better when you are organised, which will help to reduce stress and anxiety. 


The relationship between cleanliness and improved mental health

There is a clear relationship between mental health and cleaning as proven by the recent worldwide pandemic. Being more hygienic can put your mind at ease and feel much safer, which can lead to reduced anxiety.  The more you practice cleanliness and incorporate it into your life, the more mindful you can become.


The relationship between being organised and mental health 

Likewise, being more organised has a direct impact on your mental health as it will help you to live life more structurally. It will help you maximise your time and maintain better focus, as opposed to allowing your clutter to distract you.  You will declutter your life, obtain a tidier space and therefore, be able to enjoy a tidy mind.


Some tips to increase your cleaning and organisation efforts

Should you be someone that lacks cleaning or organisational skills then don’t worry, as this guide will help you incorporate the practices into your life to obtain mental health benefits.  Eventually, these practices will become natural to you and you won’t even think about having to do them. Instead, you will do them and not think of them as a chore, which will make the tasks much more mindful and continue your improved mental health. 

Should you realise that you become lazy again with cleaning and organisation, then make sure to come back to this guide to benefit from the improved mental health that cleaning and organisation provides. 

  • Dedicate a certain time of the day to clean. You might find it difficult to remember to clean, especially if you avoid it usually. Therefore, set a specific time of the day that suits your lifestyle and commitments so that you know when it is time to clean and reap those amazing mindful benefits.
  • Write daily lists. To keep your mind, space, and life organised, you can start by writing lists. These should be daily lists that order your tasks and when you complete each one, tick them off. You will realise how satisfying it is to write down and complete tasks, which will encourage you to do it more.
  • Declutter. Decluttering your space will help you tidy up your mind. Start with small drawers and cupboards and work your way around the house. Soon enough you will have a much tidier space, which will give you more room to focus and avoid distractions.
  • Make cleaning fun. For those who think of cleaning as a boring task, then make it fun. You could play your favourite music, involve others, or give yourself a reward when you achieve it, which will entice you to fulfil all cleaning tasks, which will maximise your mindfulness.
  • Start small. If you are not used to cleaning and organisation on a regular basis, then don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small and work your way up. It will feel more manageable and enjoyable, which will encourage you to continue to do it

Final Thoughts

With a tidier, cleaner, and more organised life, you will be able to obtain several improvements to your mental health, which can improve the overall quality of your life.  You may find yourself in a better mood or even be able to focus more at work. You might discover that you are sleeping better or have more time to socialise or have personal downtime, which will make you feel more rested and happy. 

There are so many great benefits of cleaning and getting organised, which will make you achieve tidy space tidy mind!

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