Tips For Reducing Dust In Your Home

dust in your home

The build-up of dust in your home can be bothersome at best and hazardous at worst. After all, excessively breathing in the stuff will likely lead to respiratory problems in future, especially if you’re asthmatic as well.

Additionally, a tidy home often equates to a tidy mind, potentially improving your mood and even your household relationships. The presence of dust can undoubtedly weigh you down if it’s coating everything you own, so getting on top of things could be detrimental to both your physical and mental well-being.

Fortunately, there are many solutions available to you here, and this isn’t a situation you need to be stuck in for very long. After the jump, you’ll find a few pointers to help you get started in combatting the presence of dust in your home.

Install Binds

Curtains can gather a large amount of dust over time. If possible, be sure to replace them with blinds instead, which are far easier to keep clean and tidy.

Companies like Lifestyle Blinds have a great range of stylish stock available if you need door, skylight, waterproof, or cordless roller blinds in the UK. There’s plenty of other variations available too, and each offering is fairly priced and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they’ve provided detailed insights into what each blind can offer, so if you’re unsure about their inclusion, you’ll find lots of information to give you confidence in the use of blinds.

Blinds can also give you more acute light control, as you can slant them to restrict the amount of light coming in. If dust particles in the air appear rather unsightly, you can quickly get rid of them without altogether banishing all the natural light coming into your property.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Cats and dogs can be a source of dust in your home. They can leave behind pet dander when shedding fur and skin flakes, which contributes to dust levels.

Therefore, keeping your pets well-groomed is a good idea. Try to keep up a healthy and routine schedule with your good boys and girls, and you should be able to reduce better manage the levels of dust in your home. If they’re tough to groom, be patient with them, or take them to a professional. Be sure to reward them for their compliance, too!

If you’re cleaning under and behind furniture, cordoning off the area is advisable. It’s important to keep pets in non-dusty rooms until you’re finished. Otherwise, you risk them treading and rolling in it and then spreading it throughout your property.

Pay Attention to Your Carpets

Dust can commonly accumulate in your carpets. Therefore, you should try to be aware of everything that’s going on here.

A regular hoovering schedule might help somewhat. However, some people find this isn’t enough and have resorted to cost-effective measures to remove the dust. All you need is cheap window squeegee and elbow grease, and apparently, the carpets look like new not long after.

Of course, if you want to save yourself even more hassle, you could always do away with carpets entirely. Wooden floorboards can largely be dust-free, and they may also give your home a more contemporary and trendy aesthetic.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can filter the air and remove much of the dust drifting around within it. If you’ve ever wanted an extra pair of hands helping you combat dust in your home, then these technologies will suffice nicely.

Some of these technologies can be up to 99% effective in their operations. However, you must remember to change the filters regularly. Otherwise, they’ll become ineffective. Not only this, but some purifiers may even become clogged with dust. Filtration units may even begin blowing out dust if they’re not cleaned regularly, betraying you in your efforts. Make sure to swap out the filters, and everything will be fine here.

Your air purifier will only be effective if you use it well, too. Ensure it’s not obstructed by furniture and clutter, and position it within the flow of air circulation in your property. Moreover, keep it switched on for more than a few minutes so that you can be certain you’re being as thorough as possible.


Though clutter shouldn’t be anywhere near your filtration units, it ideally shouldn’t have any kind of presence in your home at all. As well as being unsightly, it’s can also be directly responsible for the accumulation of dust in your home.

Anything that’s not in use or arranged for decorative pleasure should be stashed away safely. If pets or kids frequently leave their toys out, you may need to pay extra attention to these matters. If your partner often procrastinates from their admin responsibilities, make sure all their paperwork isn’t left out of hours or days on end.

Decluttering only becomes a challenge when the problem is left to get out of hand. So long as you’re consistent in your efforts and stay on top of staying tidy, the dust in your home becomes much more manageable.

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