Top Tips For a Stress Free House Move

tips for moving house

We’ve all heard people say “Moving house is one of the most stressful life events there is!” But does it have to be this way? Surely, with the right planning, mindset and maybe a bit of luck, moving home can be an exciting and fun experience with minimum stress. As well as our packing/unpacking service, our decluttering and organising service is often used by those wanting to move house. It’s a big trigger for people wanting to (or feeling they have to) sort out their belongings. It’s a fresh start and the perfect time to reassess what truly adds value and what doesn’t. Moving with clutter not only creates much more work but it makes the task of unpacking onerous and stressful. So, how can you make this process as pain-free as possible? Below are some top moving house tips:

Hiring a professional packing service for moving house

Whilst this can be useful, especially to save time and take over the physical side, be wary of the fact you may end up moving with belongings you don’t actually need.  A traditional removal or packing service will do exactly what they say on the tin – move everything from one house to another. What they don’t do is get people to look at what truly has use and meaning and what will enhance their lives. For this reason, you may wish to declutter or enlist a decluttering service first.

  • Packers don’t help people donate unwanted goods or arrange disposal.
  • Packers don’t teach people new habits and routines.
  • Oh and packers don’t go through the emotional experience with the client, providing support during this massive life change.

Hiring a professional Moving Service

Finding a reliable and trustworthy removal company is essential for the efficient move. This can be an expensive exercise, so it’s important to do your research first. We suggest you start by looking at Moving Astute’s list of best long distance moving companies and then get hold of several quotes before you make a decision. Ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations, read reviews and make sure the company is insured. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest option – you get what you pay for!
tips for moving house

As a quick guide, here are the top moving house tips. This alone will take you 90% of the way to making the move a liberating experience rather than a huge headache.

  1. Moving home can feel emotional, unsettling and overwhelming.  It feels so big that people can feel immobilised and start to procrastinate over everything! So to keep on top of this, use the ‘ask and chop’ technique.  Ask yourself: “what is the very next thing small thing I can do to move forward?” Then do just that. After that little piece of the action is completed, focus on the next small task and so on.

  2. The most important tip is to declutter BEFORE you pack. There’s little point in packing superfluous belongings as you will only make more work for yourself. Take the opportunity to assess whether you really need/love the item before you pack it.

  3. Invest in the right materials. You will need good quality, strong cardboard boxes with handles on the sides, in an assortment of sizes. Pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes so they don’t end up too heavy to carry. You will need to parcel tape the boxes (around the bottom) to prevent boxes from collapsing when you pick them up.

  4. Use bubble wrap to protect delicate items and order them in bulk online for the best price. You can use towels and clothing if you run out. After fragile items are boxed up, secure the box with fragile tape so that you know to keep these at the top of a pile.

  5. Label boxes on ALL sides (that’s the top and all four sides) If you don’t, you can guarantee that the box will be facing the wrong way when you want to see at a glance what is in it. Be specific with your labeling so you know exactly what’s inside.

  6. Buy half a dozen boxes in a different colour, such as red. These can contain your immediate essentials such as everyday toiletries, medication, bedding and paperwork so you can easily identify them on the day you move.

  7. Write a checklist or make an excel spreadsheet of services you need to contact with your new address. Don’t forget things like the GP and dentist’s surgery.  Set up a Royal Mail re-direct for 6 months as a precaution.

  8. Use zip-lock sandwich bags to hold small items such as picture hooks and after you take apart a piece of furniture, contain the screws, etc in a bag and securely tape it to the furniture.

  9. Take photos of any picture or shelving arrangements that you love to job your memory of how to create them in your new home.

  10. Get the professionals in. It’s tempting to try to save money by going it alone but you these services exist to save you time and moving house stress which is a precious gift. Professional organisers can help with staging a home to ensure it sells quickly and for the best price, as well as decluttering before the move, packing and unpacking.  Removal services are trained to pack and move items without damaging them.

    We hope you found these useful moving house tips. If you would like to move or are in the process of moving home, we wish you all luck in the world during the next phase of your life. Read more about a decluttering and organising service if you need any advice or support for moving house stress.

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