What Are Single Storey Extensions?

single story extensions

As time goes on, what we need from our homes might change, because of expanding families, different life stages or the need for different facilities. Thankfully, there are many ways that we can upgrade our homes structurally, to add value and meet our needs. Single storey extensions are a great way of creating more space in your home and work well on a range of properties. Whether you would like to extend your kitchen or create an office space, there is an extension design to suit you. We’ll look at some of the most popular single-storey extensions below.

Single-storey extensions

Single-storey extensions are exactly that. An extension of your property on the ground floor. They allow you to redesign space that you have to suit your needs. And create a more functional way of living for you and your family. There are various types of single-storey extensions that you could choose to design to fit your home that we will look at in more detail below.

You could design a new kitchen to give you more space to socialise or a snug as a place to relax and unwind. With more of us working from home, you could create an office extension for a peaceful place to work. Whatever you have in mind, you can bring to life with the help of research, architects and builders to help you create your single-storey extension. Here are a few of the options you can choose when building the perfect space onto your home.

Wrap-around extensions

This type of extension wraps around the back of the home and combines both the side return extension and a rear extension into one. So, it creates an L-shaped space around your property. You can choose this type of extension if you live in a semi-detached, or terraced house and they are perfect for creating an open space. It allows you to add extra storage and floor space to a kitchen, and create a larger area for your family to relax or add a downstairs toilet. You can use this type of extension to create a new room in your home to benefit you and your family. As well as add to the overall price of the property.

Kitchen extensions

Extending your kitchen area is one of the most popular types of building work carried out to the back of houses. There are a few types of extensions that can help you to achieve your dream kitchen. These include wrap-around extensions mentioned above, side-return extensions and rear extensions. They all work well for open-plan living, which means you can create a modern space for yourself and your family.

You could choose bi-folding doors that lead out into the garden for maximum natural light to create a bright and airy space that you love to spend time in. Extending your kitchen also means that you can create a more functional space. So, you can cook, entertain, and relax with ease, with everything in its place.

Side return extensions

This type of extension works well to give you an extra bit of width to your home. They can work whether you’re looking to create a larger space or add a downstairs toilet. Side return extensions are built using an alleyway down the side of your home, which is usually found in terraced properties. These types of homes tend to be narrow, so utilising this alley space allows you to open out your property.

You could choose to extend a living area or kitchen. They are also perfect for utility rooms and storage. Although they do not add as much value to your home as you would find with a rear or wrap-around extension, they are great for building on a space that you already have.


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