What To Consider When Choosing A Factory Floor

choosing a factory floor

We’re excited to include another blog post considering commercial space planning this week. This post is about choosing a factory floor or flooring for a similar environment such as a warehouse.

When choosing factory flooring, it’s crucial to ensure that the flooring choice goes hand in hand with the purpose for use. There is no way you can opt for a flooring choice that you use at home.  First, consider checking online the various industrial flooring options. That way, you will have a rough idea of what you may go for. Also, consider talking to experts and have them advise you. One such expert is Milestone Flooring which have some quality floors showcased on their website and can help you decide which floor suits to your business.

Remember that factory flooring is an investment but should hopefully be hard earing. It may not be a simple task bearing in mind the various options in the market. To help, let’s break it down into specifics to think about when choosing a factory floor.


Money is usually an important consideration because it determines how deep your pocket can go when making such a purchase. It is best to research the price range of factory flooring to calculate how much it will cost you and how long it should last. Companies dealing with factory flooring have many options to suit different budgets. However, opting for cheaper alternatives may be a false investment in the long run because the quality is usually low. It is, therefore, better to spend some more but not have to cater to replacement and repair costs sooner rather than later.


Because factory flooring solutions are investments, it is best to ensure that whoever you buy them from offers a warranty. This will ascertain that they are selling durable flooring materials. If they lack a warranty, continue searching for a company that will. Warranties are crucial in that if the factory flooring materials have any inadequacies, you could return them and get an exchange. Consider how you organise your paperwork and avoid digital clutter, so you can access that warranty if you need it.

The Factory Processes

What kind of processes are you involved with? Do they involve bulky or non-bulky goods? Is there heavy machinery used or vehicle traffic? These questions can guide you in choosing the best factory flooring option. Also, consider the specific standards you need to meet to create a particular environment for selecting the right flooring. Does your insurance have particular stipulations? How about your professional body or association? Different industries have varying requirements that need to be taken into account to ensure that you install the right floor. Being diligent here will protect the business and the company’s reputation.

Knowledge and Customer Service

Before buying any flooring materials, be confident that they have been in the business for an extended period and have the right credentials. Being an established manufacturer shows they are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry and are likely to employ well trained staff. Long-term experience assures you that you will be dealing with people who are well-versed with what they do. Also, they should offer you good customer service. Like this Resin Flooring company, which shows examples of case studies on their website and has put thought into it’s company values as well as practical health and safety measures.

Specific Requirements

If you have specific requirements, mention this in advance and at the start of the communication. This is because businesses function differently and hence, have different needs that may require something extra from their flooring. Some of these things may include demarcations or chemical resilience, to mention a couple. The company you go to should be able to factor your requirements into their recommendations and may have some suggestions you hadn’t previously considered.


This refers to how soon you want to have the floor in place. The chances are high that your answer would be as soon as possible, which is understandable because you want the factory to be up and running. No floor means work will have to halt until it is refurbished, for example. However, getting the floor down quickly is significant if you set up a new facility. If you are moving to a new building with a concrete floor, it is best to know it takes up to a year to cure properly, depending on its thickness. Fortunately, you can run your business on concrete floors since they cure top down. However, ensure that you cover it with some protection if you use heavy machinery or have high traffic levels.

Health and Safety

Putting the workers’ health and safety at the top of everything is essential since they devote themselves to ensuring your business runs smoothly. As a result, the factory floors should be flat and even to prevent trip hazards that may take place while moving from one place to another. Ensure clear and visible signage is are on the floor (instead of the wall) to avoid accidents and wear and tear. Some signs may include warnings about forklift traffic and urging workers to wear defenders or safety glasses where necessary.

The above are things you may want to consider when choosing a factory floor fit for your needs. You could even benchmark competitor factories to see how and what kind of floors they installed. Ensure that you feel comfortable and reassured about your flooring. Consider all your options and remember cheap may be expensive in the long run.  At the same time there are affordable, durable options. Finally, ensure that you buy from reputable sources that have a solid reputation.

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