Working virtually with our clients

In mid March 2020, it became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to work face to face with our clients for while, due to COVID-19. Helping people declutter and organise their homes often requires being in close proximity in sometimes small spaces. And Stay At Home guidelines were starting to come into place. In some cases, we simply put the work on hold and in others we had conversations about how they might sort it themselves, whilst in lockdown.

But, if they were able and willing to do it themselves, they wouldn’t have called on us in the first place. For someone to have taken the massive step of starting work with a professional organiser, getting cut off suddenly was very frustrating.

Whilst talking to the clients we had been separated from, we realised the pandemic threw up a range of challenges. Some had more time due to being furloughed or unable to work. But a lack of time is far from the only factor when it it comes to a messy house. Clutter happens when there’s something going on internally – and that could be anything including a change in circumstances, a lack of organisational skills, anxiety, depression and so much more.

Others have had much less time since COVID-19 kicked off. Maybe finding themselves juggling work, childcare and home education. Then there’s emotional load. For someone to be stuck at home due to a pandemic, who was already stressed about their home? That is incredibly draining and can result in a home going from ‘just about holding it together’ to ‘chaos’.

Working Virtually

online decluttering & organising service

Whilst we have always offered a virtual service, including decluttering, organising, life coaching and productivity coaching, before COVID-19, we tended to work face to face the vast majority of the time. Working virtually is different. But, it’s been great to still help some clients from afar via Zoom, WhatsApp video calls or simply over phone/email.

Here’s what a recent client of Caroline (A Tidy Mind – West & South Yorkshire) says about our virtual service:

“I feel mentally overloaded and can’t tackle other things so speaking to you helps me to feel worthwhile.  A Tidy Mind is exactly what it is.  Something has happened to the majority of people who have too much stuff, or whose things are in the wrong place, to make them feel overwhelmed. During the most recent call, I completed tasks that I simply wouldn’t have otherwise, such as claiming carers allowance & ordering a part for my lawnmower”

Here is what Craig (A Tidy Mind – London) says about a recent virtual coaching session:

“It was a catch up and goal setting session. In the previous face to face session we set out a plan together on what they could work on by themselves at home. So we discussed the goals and measured progress, seeing what has worked and what hasn’t, making necessary changes and adjusting the goals to fit pace and motivation. It was great because the client could speak to me about their current situation, how they are feeling and gain reassurance that although I am not there they’re still doing great. 

It is a super way to communicate at this time as it gives them the feeling that someone is there for them to guide and listen.”

Victoria (A Tidy Mind – West Midlands) has done some virtual work with new clients recently and here’s what she says:

“Problem solving is our speciality.  Be it in organising your home or supporting you making life choices. Working virtually has just been another way to solve a problem.  The advantage has been being able to take things in a more bite sized way.  Virtual sessions can be shorter more frequent boosts of morale and energy just when you need them, at a time suitable to you and your family”

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about how we can help you virtually. We still offer free 30 minute consultations too so do get in touch if you want to find out more.

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