7 Reasons To Renovate Your Kitchen This Winter

renovate your kitchen

The kitchen really is the hub of any home. It’s where meals are made and where the family gets together. When you renovate your kitchen, it’s not simply a way in which you can improve the functionality of your kitchen. But it can also give it a much-needed new lease of life and help you inject your own personality into this most frequently used family space.

 Here are 7 reasons that this winter may be the perfect time to consider kitchen renovations

The style is outdated

Possibly, the biggest reason that people choose to renovate their kitchen is that they no longer like the way it looks. This is often the case if you “inherited” the kitchen when you purchased a property. Some styles date far more quickly than others. And some elements of the kitchen, for example, trim, can fade faster than others, giving a tired look to your kitchen. 

Deterioration and damage that need sorting

If you have an older kitchen, then you may be plagued with those small maintenance tasks. These include doors that no longer hang or close properly or drawer runners that stick. Or chipped finishes on your cabinets or even damaged floors as a result of items being dropped.  Whilst these issues individually may not worry you, when added together, it may indicate that now is the time for a renovation.


A great kitchen is one that looks great and performs well. If you have an older kitchen, then you may feel that it is simply not as functional as a more contemporary kitchen might be. Whether you need to declutter your kitchen, organise your kitchen, implement better storage solutions or inbuilt appliances, if you don’t have the functionality, then it is probably time to renovate.

Layout changes

Functionality in your kitchen can also be improved by changing the layout. This can often open up your kitchen and make it look bigger as well. It may be that you want to incorporate a dining area, a breakfast bar or both to make your kitchen a real multifunctional space. 

Moving electrical or plumbing work

Changing the location of sinks and appliances means changing the electrical work or plumbing in your kitchen. And this is something that can really only be changed during a full-scale kitchen renovation. This is the type of work that can often result in opening up walls or working under floorboards.

Updating appliances

Technology can improve really quickly, and if your appliances are older, then they may not work as well as they could or be as energy efficient as you might like. Whilst some appliances can be replaced on their own, often with integrated ones, it is easier to renovate an entire kitchen. This is due to differences in sizes and difficulties in replacing cabinet fronts. 

Add value

The final reason to consider a kitchen renovation is that it can add value to your property. The kitchen, along with the bathroom, are the two most costly rooms in your home to renovate. Therefore, the ones that have the potential to make or break your house sale. If you are renovating your kitchen to add value to your property with a view to selling, then it is essential to consider your design choices carefully.

Opt for something that is timeless rather than too trendy. Avoid putting too much of yourself into your kitchen design. Plus choose something your potential buyers could make their own mark on. Simple, clean lines and neutral shades will give you the best chance of really showcasing your kitchen. 

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