Is Decluttering Good Feng Shui?


Is decluttering good feng shui

At A Tidy Mind, there is no space we don’t declutter and no environment we don’t organise. We also like to keep an open mind about our client’s needs. So, this includes embracing elements of Swedish death cleaning or space cleansing. Or incorporating Feng Shui into our decluttering and organising techniques. Decluttering is good Feng Shui in itself as we’ll discuss below, as well as other elements.

What Is Feng Shui?

The ancient tradition of feng shui originates in China. Feng means ‘air’ and Shui means ‘water’. Feng Shui basically involves arranging different elements within a space to maximise the flow of positive energy. This energy is known as ‘chi’. The concept of ‘Bagua’ in Feng Shui refers to an ‘energy map’ within a space. Within Bagua, there are eight areas which each relate to a separate part of life (abundance, family, career, relationships, personal growth etc).

Decluttering & Feng Shui

Clutter clearing can be an important part of the Feng Shui process. Excess belongings or possessions that you don’t need or love can create stagnant or stuck energy. This could have a negative effect on your well-being, focus, energy and contentment. A simplified space means curating your belongings and becoming intentional about what you keep.

By decluttering by category, you can go through your stuff gradually so it’s not an overwhelming task. You can work towards knowing what you have and owning only things that add value to your life. may release stuck energy. Within this freer flowing energy state, you may find more calm, positivity and productivity.

The Doors & Hallway

It’s easy to disrupt the ‘chi’ in your home and a great place to start when addressing your space is your entryway or hallway if you have one. Most of us tend to accumulate things in the entrances to our homes but these can block the energy and potential abundance from entering our home. The hall represents opportunities, therefore, ensure it’s kept clutter free so that the energy can circulate. SO, place coats and shoes inside a closed cupboard so they don’t stagnate the energy. Also, to activate the beneficial ‘chi’, add a beautiful mirror and fresh flowers. Fresh flowers instantly uplift the energy of a space.

The front door should be in perfect condition as it represents wealth. To draw the energy to your front door place a beautiful plant and light either side of the door.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a vital space as its energy represents nourishment and relationship harmony for the occupants. Ensure that you don’t place the sink and cooker opposite each other as that can lead to arguments between couples, as it creates a water and fire crash. The colours in the kitchen are also an important consideration. Therefore, avoid too much black and red as that also causes a fire and water crash.

The position of the cooker is important for the nourishment of the occupants. Try to make it so it is not positioned under a window or directly opposite the kitchen or front door.

The Living Room

Ensure that furniture for the living room is in proportion to the space. Avoid blocking any doors with furniture, and position the main sofa against a wall to provide the occupants with support. If you want to activate wealth, energy place a lamp in the corner of the room (diagonally opposite the room door).

The Dining Room

The dining room or table is an important consideration in Feng Shui as it provides a space where you can concentrate mindfully on what you are eating. In Feng Shui we consider the dining space to relate with the spleen which relates to the element Earth, which in traditional Chinese medicine is concerned with digestion. So, to optimise the energy in this space place a mirror on the wall to reflect the dining table and place fresh flowers on the table.

The Bedroom

To encourage a restful sleep the bedrooms must be a light neutral colour and the beds must have a headboard and be positioned with the headboard against a solid wall. Ideally, the bed must not be in line with the bedroom door. You could put bedside tables either side of the bed to provide support. Or place curvy lamps and lightly fragranced candles on the bedside table to introduce some romantic energy.

The Bathroom

Ideally keep the bathroom clean with the door closed and toilet lid down. This is the area where wealth may get drained (depending on calculations). So introduce some plants in here, as plants soak in water which slows the flow of wealth draining away.

The Garden

The front garden represents your future so ensure it is always well kept. Tend to your flowers and plants and always keep it tidy.

The back garden represents both health and wealth for the occupants so ensure it is always kept in good condition. The boundaries/fences/wall must always be well maintained to provide support to the occupants.


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