How to add natural elements to the home

making your home feel natural

There is nothing better than making your home feel natural. If you love to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in, you’ll know what we’re talking about! If you wish you could simply bottle up the smell of the outdoors. Or you want to bring in the flowers, you’re on the right track in adding natural elements to your home. 

When the LED lights in your home don’t match up to the sunshine outside, you’re on the right track with making as many choices as possible that mean you are adding natural elements to your house. There are so many ways, though, that you can incorporate natural elements to your home. From stone baths to creeping ivy around the front doors, your home doesn’t have to be displaced from nature. You could even spend a huge portion of your day indoors. When you have natural elements, it won’t feel like it. Let’s take a look at how you can add natural elements to your home.

Top Tips to create a natural home

  1. Add as many plants as you can. Every single room can benefit from having plants. From tall ones that stretch to the ceiling, to the short cacti family you keep in the corner, your home deserves to benefit from plants and you will find it so much easier to have that when you head out to the local florists. Plants cleanse the air, offer colour and they are just pretty.

  2. Bring in the sunshine as much as possible. Opening up the windows is one thing but you just need to bring in the sunshine with as much natural light as you can muster! Throw open the blinds and curtains and let the sunlight stream into the space. You’ll be able to tackle the house and brighten it up in no time at all. Another way to maximise the sunshine is to choose light, bright colours when you are painting the space. You want to know that you can smile and feel uplifted simply by having sunshine colours everywhere!

  3. Add artwork. Those landscape pieces with oceans and beaches detailed onto them? Bring those into the house and make sure that you can see them. Sometimes, bringing nature in means a picture or two!

  4. Think about natural flooring. There are so many ways that you can add more nature with flooring. For example, the bamboo options to stones that you add to the bathroom floor. There are so many ways that you can incorporate natural materials into your home when you look beneath your feet. If you’re a carpet fan, using natural materials is the same as using stone or bamboo! Natural fibers will be more eco friendly and – let’s face it – they just look better!

  5. Open up the space. If you have the budget, open up the back wall of the house and turn it into doors. You’ll bring in the breeze, the sunshine and the light all in one go and make your home feel as if it’s fused with nature.

    We hope you have found these tips on making your home feel natural inspiring and useful. As a professional organisers and declutterers we are interested in the home as a whole package. We believe there are many elements within the home that can bring you joy.

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