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October 7, 2020The Process Involved In Custom Lighting And Lighting Design

When it comes to home improvements and renovations, we often look internationally to find inspiration. Many homes and businesses in Canada that are designed by modern-day architects and interior designers, most often than not, have a unique edge to them. This region is well-known for its original architecture and modern-day once-off unique pieces, see here. […]

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February 12, 2020Could it be your home that’s causing your mess?

No matter who you are, it’s guaranteed you’ve struggled with some disorder or mess in your home at some point. It happens to all of us and no-one is immune! Sometimes it’s down to circumstances, a life change, emotions or upheaval. Or maybe a partner, kids, or their pets. However, this is not always the […]

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December 6, 2019How to add Wow Factor to your home

Are you looking for ways to add a little bit of the wow factor to your home? Adding a bit of luxury to your home can be a great way to not only change the way it looks but also add that little something extra. After all, if you can’t splurge out on your home, […]

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November 22, 2019Change your home up for winter

Moving from summer into winter often leads people to spend more time at home. It’s comforting to hunker down and create a cosy, warm space in which to relax. There are all different kinds of ways you can make a change to your home for winter. You might make changes to the furnishings, lighting, or […]

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November 4, 2019How to make your home revamp so much simpler

We all want a lovely-looking home with the most convenient functions inside it. We always strive for the most wonderful abode we can have. Our home represents us in a big way, so we’ll need it to be attractive for everyone that walks by or enters. It’s not the easiest job in the world, though, […]

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October 30, 20195 reasons why the right flooring can make your life better

Here at A Tidy Mind, we believe that being at home can bring the greatest calm and content to life. Decluttering, organisation, interior design and furnishings all contribute to how a home feels. And a home needs a mixture of practical and aesthetic attention to both look good and be functional. Getting the basics right […]

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October 1, 2019The highlights your living room might need…

Your living room goes through a lot. It’s the place where you’re most likely to receive guests when they pop round, and if you suffer from a lack of a hallway for the front door, it’s probably the place where muddy boots track through the most!  It’s also where you like to sit down to […]

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September 23, 2019Super easy ways to improve your garden space

Of course, our gardens are the most timeless and often resistant section of our entire property. It will be there unless you build over the top of it, as it’s not exactly like nature needs permission to grow or go through the seasonal cycles. However, preserving your garden in the manner that you want can […]

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September 17, 2019Improving your living situation – one step at a time

The place that you live is your place. Let us explain. What we mean by this is that this is the place that you should feel most comfortable in the entire world. Improving your living situation is a form of self care. You should feel happy, safe, and cosy at home, which is why if […]

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September 5, 20196 Home Improvements That Can Add Value

When planning improvements for your house, it makes sense to consider how these upgrades will affect the value. After all, whether you intend on selling your home soon or not, you want to know that your renovations are worth the investment. Nearly all properties increase in value over the years, but with careful planning and […]

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