Tips for an organised home

Tips for an organised home

Every so often, we like to bring our minds back to some our top tips for an organised home. The simple ones are often the best ones and an organised home is a calmer, more functional one. Organising can be a superpower in a complex world.

Tips for an organised home

  1. Have a plan of attack

Don’t try to declutter your whole house in a week – you’ll exhaust and overwhelm yourself. Declutter in bite-size chunks of between 30 minutes and a couple of hours. Focus on contained spaces such as a drawer, cupboard or shelf. Arm yourself with paper and a pen to make notes of ‘actions’ and designate rubbish, recycling and donation bags.

  1. Start with ‘storage’ areas

Lofts, basements and garages are prime locations to stash something quickly to avoid dealing with it. If you’re serious about clearing your clutter, start with these areas first and then you’ll have enough space to store things that you actually need.

  1. Make a decision

In my industry, we say that clutter is often a result of decision delay. It can be hard to decide about what to do with some items and seem easier to pass them by. But by pushing through that challenge, that’s how you will see real results.

  1. Have a place for everything

Of all the tips for an organised home, this has to be the best. Assign a permanent ‘resting place’ to each and every possession, especially for items which tend to accumulate in ‘clutter hotspots’. For example, if school stuff accumulates on the kitchen table, create a ‘homework’ box on a shelf for each child.

  1. Don’t walk empty handed

In a modern home, things are constantly being used and moved so you need to consistently put things back in their ‘homes’. The easiest way to do this is to tidy up as you move through your home. It negates the need for a big, overwhelming tidy up and your house will stay in order.

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