Upgrade Your Interior Design with Stylish and Functional Round Rugs

round rugs

Round rugs provide the perfect finishing touch to pull together any interior space. With their soft curves and inviting shapes, round rugs add an approachable feel to rooms by smoothing hard edges and lines within a layout. Compared to angular rugs, round silhouettes feel more relaxed and casual. But their circular form also brilliantly spotlights their intricate medallion patterns or colorful hues.

When artfully incorporated, these circular floor coverings create cohesive interior schemes dripping in style. Keep reading to discover how the addition of round rugs can level up your interior design.

Benefits of Round Rugs

Here are some top reasons to incorporate the beauty of round rugs within home interiors:

Creates a Focal Point

The most common placement for round rugs is centrally within a space. Their circular outline encloses the area, naturally drawing attention inward to highlight the decor placed atop the rug. This creates a strong focal point and primary conversation area in living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces.

Softens the Edges

The curved perimeter of a round rug helps soften the hard outlines of surrounding furniture, architectural details, or rectangular rugs layered beneath. The circular shape feels soothingly organic.

Maximizes Small Spaces

Round rugs utilize floor area efficiently without any corners or edges jutting out. This allows small rooms to feel more expansive since the rug promotes centralized furnishings arrangements.


Available in unlimited colors, fabrics, and sizes ranging from petite rounds to dramatic overscale options, the versatility of circle shaped rugs makes them suitable for any room and decor theme imaginable.

Easy to Move Around

Since round rugs lack any orientation, they can be easily spun to gather folks together at different angles as needed. This reorients conversation spaces or activity areas to keep traffic flow flexible.

Suitable for Any Room

The non-linear quality gives round rugs a casual, informal look that feels inviting in high-traffic gathering rooms like living rooms, family rooms, and dens. But sized properly, they also adapt well as stylish additions that lend a polished feel suitable for formal spaces like dining rooms.

Some Round Rugs for Small Spaces

While round rugs shine in spacious great rooms, petite sizes also deliver big style to modest square footage. Here are some small-space settings where they provide a large design impact:

Flatweave Round Rug in the Living Room

Flatwoven rounds woven tight with minimal pile add lovely pattern and color without overwhelming compact rooms visually. These thin, lightweight rugs also fold easily for quick cleaning.

Jute Round Rug in the Bedroom

Natural jute fiber’s organic colors and nubby texture help bedrooms in cozy bungalows or apartments feel serenely grounded. The innate durability of jute also withstands nightly use next to beds.

Shag Round Rug in the Nursery

In kids’ rooms, the flocculent shag pile feels heavenly underfoot, inviting young ones to stretch out, play or read. Dense shag muffles noisy stomping feet too!

Sisal Round Rug in the Entryway

Sisal’s sound absorption assists with reducing echoes in tight vestibules or mudrooms off garages. The natural fiber also handles heavy traffic well despite limited space.

Wool Round Rug in the Dining Room

Luxurious wool rounds lend formal dining elegance without dominating table arrangements in modest eat-in kitchens. Wool’s innate stain resistance helps preserve beauty.

Faux Fur Round Rug in the Reading Nook

For small lounging getaways built around cozy chairs, faux fur’s plushness promotes relaxation. Its indulgent softness underfoot feels heavenly when curling up with books.

Outdoor Round Rug on the Patio

Make a petite urban balcony into a cheerful escape by topping floor spaces with vivid outdoor rounds. UV-resistant dyes withstand sun exposure without fading.

Tips for Incorporating Round Rugs into Your Home

Follow these guidelines for seamlessly fitting round rugs into home spaces with stunning panache:

Choose the Right Size

When selecting these rugs, make sure to choose options sized appropriately to your room’s dimensions. Oversized rounds clutter smaller rooms. However, undersized pieces floating adrift atop floor surfaces must properly ground spaces.

Mix Patterns and Textures

Layer round rugs over existing rectangular rugs to build captivating depth. Highlight the round’s distinctive motif or material by contrasting its aesthetic against the underlying layer.

Layer with Other Rugs

Stack multiple round rugs tiered concentrically to establish an eye-catching Arrangement. Graduating sizes in descending order outward from the center suit most decors.

Play with Colors

Inject vibrant hues with brightly patterned rugs and pops of colors, contrasting furnishings and wall colors. But more neutral solids also provide versatility, coordinating with nearly any palette.

Experiment with Placement

Though centering round rugs commonly works well, don’t be afraid to experiment with offset options anchoring seating groups or distinguishing zones.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

For serious style statements, choose round rugs sporting daring motifs, wildly colorful patterns, or large-scale designs, making rooms feel gorgeously graphic.

Keep It Clean and Maintained

Dirt, stains, or other damage on boldly printed accent rugs draws the eye quickly. So properly caring for the rug helps preserve its striking aesthetic.

Consider the Rug Material

When sourcing round rugs, ensure the material suits room use patterns to withstand daily life gracefully. For example, busy entryways and dining spaces demand more durable, stain-resistant constructions than lightly used formal living rooms or bedrooms.

Round Rug Maintenance

To keep round rugs looking fresh without quickly wearing them in heavy traffic zones around the perimeter, implement these care tips:

Regular Vacuuming

Make vacuuming high on your list for extending the rug’s lifespan and preserving its vibrant colors by removing embedded dirt before it grinds into fibers. Target high-traffic lanes meticulously.

Spot Cleaning

Address spills immediately using manufacturer-approved cleaners formulated specifically for the rug’s fiber composition. Stubborn spots may need professional assistance.

Rotate Regularly

Occasionally spin round rugs clockwise or counterclockwise slightly to distribute wear patterns more evenly long-term rather than solely around the edges.

Protect from Sunlight

If positioning rugs in sun-drenched spaces prone to UV ray damage, opt for colorfast constructions or utilize window coverings periodically, limiting light exposure and preserving dyes.

Professional Cleaning

Depending on rug quality and materials, a professional deep cleaning every year or two revitalizes appearances by lifting embedded particulates from piles and clearing away sticky residues that attract soil.

Utilize Rug Pads

Quality round rugs deserve an equally high-performing pad beneath. This cushioning prevents backing abrasions, limits slippage on smooth floors, and protects delicate flooring surfaces beneath from indentations.

Address Spills Immediately

Letting moisture linger from food, pet accidents, plant watering, or other bulk liquid spills risks permanent staining or backing damage, even on stain-resistant rugs. Blot gently without rubbing.


The winning combination of style and versatility makes round rugs a brilliant upgrade for transforming interiors. When thoughtfully incorporated, round rugs lend spaces with gorgeous focal points teeming with captivating colors, prints, and textures. Besides adding showstopping visual appeal, round silhouettes also deliver ergonomic and functional benefits. Their curved forms smooth boxy corners gently for more inviting, livable rooms suited for gathering together family and friends.

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