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June 13, 2023Discovering Serenity: The Psychological Benefits Of An Organised Office Space

Our office spaces have significantly evolved as we adopt more remote and flexible workstyles. They are no longer just functional areas to perform tasks but critical extensions of ourselves. These spaces mirror our mindset, creativity, and productivity, shaping how we think, act, and feel. They can serve as sanctuaries of calm and stability amidst the […]

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September 7, 2022How to Create the Perfect Home Office Setup for Remote Working?

In a bid to manage the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, most governments around the world encouraged schools and organisations to allow students and employees to study and work from home. Since then, most institutions embraced remote working. We often work with clients to help them organise their home office or paperwork. We also help […]

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March 6, 2022What Makes a Beautiful Modern Office Space?

Long gone are the days of the sad and grey office block, hopefully. It’s 2022, and an office space no longer needs to be designed to fit the whims of a dystopian corporate nightmare dimension. They can be full of brightness, space, breathing room, colour, and generally whatever suits the needs of the staff. If […]

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January 8, 2022Modern home office ideas

The impact of Covid-19 has had an exceptional effect on our careers and livelihoods. With many let go from jobs they could no longer work in due to negative effects on the firm. Yet more companies opted for the work from home regime to keep employees in a job. Whilst also obeying lockdown and crowding […]

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September 24, 20215 Reasons Why Used Office Furniture Is The Way To Go

Does the office need a makeover? Replacing any worn-out furniture is a great way to boost employee morale and comfort. It can also completely change how a workplace looks to clients and visitors. However, there’s no need to head out and buy new pieces. Here’s how any office can benefit from used office furniture. Used […]

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