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July 19, 2022Hobbies That You Can Learn Over The Summer

With the warm weather firmly here and the days getting longer – summer is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to start that hobby that you have always wanted to try, or find something new to occupy yourself now you may have a bit more free time! It may be that you […]

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June 11, 20226 Ways to Add Comfort and Style to Your Home For Summer

With the summer quickly approaching it seems like the perfect time to get your house organized and freshened up ready for the warmer months ahead. One of the best things about getting ready for summer is the ability to embrace new trends and opt for lighter and brighter shades throughout your abode. Whether you’re hoping […]

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May 29, 2022How to fight the indoor summer heat?

Do you suffer from annual summer heat waves that make your home uninhabitable? There are many different ways of fighting the indoor summer heat and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures all day long, even if you have been seeing forty on the thermometer outside for several days. The simplest solution: Interior shading Particularly in modern interiors, […]

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July 7, 2018Stay Cool At Home This Summer

I never thought I’d say it but I think it’s a bit too hot at the moment! For non-UK readers, this country is having a prolonged bout of scorching weather. On the one hand, I love it, but it also comes with challenges… Are you struggling to breathe in your home whilst we have this […]

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